Washing Amphetamine with Acetone

Acetone washing will remove a lot cuts that are used to bulk out the substance by vendors. Not all cuts are soluble in acetone though this will get most of them.

In our experience amphetamine purity can range from 2% to 84% with all manner of fillers added, the most common one being caffeine. If you’re accustomed to 15% amphetamine and dose the same having bought some that’s 84% not knowing any better you’ll have just taken 560% more amphetamine than expected in one hit. With something as potent as amphetamine that can seriously ruin your day.

If you wash your amphetamine mostly anything left over will be pure and you will have a far better idea of what you’re dosing.


  • Phenacetin is soluble in acetone.
  • Caffeine is partially soluble in acetone.
  • Paracetamol is soluble in acetone.

Let’s begin.

Items list:

  • Lab Grade Acetone 99%+, this can be bought off amazon etc for cheap.
  • 100ml Beaker
  • Plastic Funnel
  • Glass Stirring Rod
  • Heat lamp – not essential but good if you can get it, also off amazon
  • Filter Paper – quantitative filter paper, also off amazon
  • Precision digital scales
  • Drinking Glass
  • Gloves
  • Cling film
  • Eye protection
  • Well ventilated room
  • No naked flames

Step 1:

Weigh the received amphetamine so you know the starting  (gross) weight. My Gross weight is 2.588g

Step 2:

With windows open, eye and hand protection on and no naked flames, measure out 15-25mls of acetone per gram of amphetamine into your beaker, since this is about solubility rates don’t skimp on the acetone or it won’t work as well. Carefully pour the amphetamine into the beaker and begin stirring so that there isn’t any lumps left – you could first crush it for this step to be faster.

Cover with cling film to stop moisture from the air getting in and leave it to settle, the amphetamine will settle to the bottom of the beaker while the acetone will be above it.

Step 3:

Take the drinking glass, place the funnel inside and then place filter paper into the funnel folded into a cone. Filter papers come as flat discs and can be folded a variety of ways to make a cone, the simplest is fold it in half one way, open it up and fold it in half again but along the other axis, then overlap one of these fold lines to form a cone, you can see this below.


Take the beaker and gently pour out the acetone into the drinking glass and stop before any of the substance comes out – it’s ok if some does, don’t worry about it we’ll get it in the last wash.

Gently pour fresh acetone into your beaker, get around the sides to pick up any residue then pour the whole contents of the beaker into the funnel with the filter. You may need a spoon to scrape the powder out.

Pour more fresh acetone through the filter paper to pick up any left-over bits, place a piece of paper over the funnel and leave to drain for 5-10 minutes, this is the final wash. Don’t even think about smoking.

Step 5:

After draining take a few pieces of paper towel and place the filter paper between them while pressing down hard so that the towels absorb any left over acetone.

Place under a heatlamp for around 30 minutes.

Step 6:

It’s best to further dry the amphetamine in a warm, non-humid environment for 24hrs+, if you don’t have a heat lamp placing it in the oven on a low will do much the same. If you consume this prior to it being properly dried you will be snorting or eating anyhydrous acetone into your body.That is an exceptionally bad idea, don’t do it, don’t rush it.

Take any used acetone you have, pour it into an old paint tin or similar metal container and take to your local hazardous waste recycling center. Don’t pour acetone down the drain, it’s bad for the environment and if you’re unlucky it will start melting your pipework or seals.

My final net weight is 2.466g.

Starting gross weight: 2.588g

Total loss = Gw – Nw = 0.122g // 122mg // 4.71%

A 5% loss indicates that the starting amphetamine was very pure around 80-95%, your loss might be anywhere from 2.5% to 80%. Some end users get irrationally upset thinking that this loss of weight is somehow a loss of their amphetamine, this is not the case. Whilst it is annoying to see just how adulterated your amphetamine was, you’re not losing it by washing it, you’re saving it from the crap it’s sat in, and your body from dealing with additional adverse effects whilst simultaneously gaining more confidence in your dosing.

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    Wow Thats Really Dope,I didnt know you Could Cut away The Unwanted Excess Easily i thought youd need a Machine of Some type that would Cost you alot but you Made it Short n Simple Pretty Clever My Guy.

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    I wish I knew it 20 years ago when I used amphetamine (IV). I think every amphetamine user should learn it and do the washing before it takes . Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience . In modern world full of drugs and drug culture this kind of knowledge is necessary to improve harm reduction.

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