1. You must be legally recognised as an adult in your country to use this website.

  2. You may not use this site in any way to commit crime, in particular given the scope of the site this means that:

    • You are expressly forbidden to conspire to commit drugs offenses, this means asking where to buy drugs from in terms of locations, or people. You may not offer anyone drugs on this site for free or for any sort of renumneration.

    • You are expressly forbidden to encourage in the commission of an offense. Namely, you cannot encourage people directly to do drugs, or specifically recommend people try vendors or any drugs in general. That is what licensed medical professionals are for.

    • These rules are enforced a variety of ways, the community can directly flag posts and or topics that break these rules, where there are suspected criminal posts or topics anyone with the power to take action to remove it and doesn’t is liable under the Serious Crime Act Part II for “Being inactive” aka watching it happen and doing nothing. Since the community can flag posts into deletion this means that in a small but real sense you the user of this site are criminally liable if you do not do your part in flagging and removing such content.

    • This list is in no way exhaustive the staff exercise their discretion alongside the community at all times and immoral or repugnant content will be removed.

  3. We cannot guarantee nor state that your IP address used to connect here is not somehow, someway recorded somewhere. Be it with us, the host, the hoster’s uplink, Cloudflare, compromised Tor nodes or any other kind of system. We are committed to removing such information in the best practicable methods we can but do not be under the illusion people cannot see your IP that connects here. So don’t commit any crime here.

  4. These terms can and will be updated from time to time with notice given in the site feedback section, it will be globally bannered when such updates happen - by actively clicking the global banner away you consent that you have read, understood and will adhere to these rules.

Thank you.