The Quest for perfection cbd:THC e-Liquid

by user “2C-E”

I have used cannabis extensively for many years and think I could reduce use by moving solely to e-liquid and only THC+CBD. The idea being making CBD more and more present and maybe even just vape CBD? Who knows but it was a thing worth doing and documenting. In my late teens and early twenties I smoked spliffs with tobacco, quit cigarettes and moved to pure bongs, then vaping 24/7, to quitting for over a year, back smoking only hash for 6 months, to quitting for 1.5 years and back to smoking daily.

I believe that the never ending chase for higher and higher THC bud devoid of CBD is an aggravating factor for adverse side effects and possibly more addictive. When using canna product that are blended the high I get is much more grounded, level it’s still fun but I can keep my eyes open and the need to raid the cupboards compulsively for snacks is diminished. Sampling the newer “high end” bud from time to time, as a lifelong smoker, it’s too much. There’s confusion, anxiety and dissociation. It’s not relaxing and it’s not fun anymore. Cannabis producers are seemingly filling a “bigger is better” demand from a market that is fixated on hyping stronger strains. It’s not for me and a growing contingent of smokers, there’s nowhere else for me to go so I’m making my own more palletable alternatives.

I started with a pre-made 1:1 CBD:THC e-liquid which I did get on with alright, but due to being a concentration of 5% was not strong enough. Had I had any kind of tolerance at the time I would not have felt this at all. From here I made about 5 different batches to test out this theory and I 100% feel significant benefits and changes to the high when varying THC:CBD ratios, which I found best when THC/CBD concentration in the e-liquid was over 20%.

Here are the notes from samples I made.

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