WPS being long?


Anyone else facing this?
Last two orders have taken almost 1 week each to arrive and todays order its almost a g short.
First time a vendor has tried to pull this as far as I’m aware, it’s so scummy.

Going back to bigphil, just a shame that I have to use tails for that.



My WPS orders are rarely correct weight but over the course of time it works out about even, I can live with that. I’ve never had more than 4-5 working days for delivery but have heard of longer from them, I factor that in when ordering.
WPS has the best product, make allowances when ordering rather than settling for lower quality.

I only make small orders, but frequently, to be honest I think he cant be arsed with the small 1-2 nights worth stuff, I imagine him grumpily shoving a spoons worth into a baggie without weighing for all the little ones.


Always been about 8 days for me, last time his meph was shite so stick to BigPhil as he is 99% NDD and maybe not the strongest meph about, but a fat line and you’re fucked.


whats his stealth like? ordered on friday the 4th so about 10 day agos now non domestic first time using him hope all is well


It’s the shittest stealth I’ve ever seen lol but it’s vacuum sealed


there is some info here

@Fth3Police are you refering to WPS or BP stealth, the former had switched things up a bit, a big improvement, the last time I ordered


WPS, was so bait


I’m also still waiting on a package from last week.
I’ve been a long time user and the deliveries have always ranged from 2 days to a week.
His comms are on point too.
Please could everyone update when their pack lands as I always find it a bit of a nervy wait when he takes a while.


Order arrived today. Got that stealth is woeful I’d rather no jiffy and a business letter than what I received with the most pointless decoy.


What day did you order pal?


3.5g of meph bro


I’m waiting on 14 lol


Have to say gear is nice. As someone who nearly uses just coke this would be great for messy house party or festival.


Lol it’s stupid isn’t it


Still waiting for my next decoy to make a pair!


My order showed up today. Banging as always, despite what people may say. Happy man.


Honestly id rather a business letter with only a piece of cardboard as a decoy than a fat jiffy.


My 1g order came through 2DD like all my orders and 0.5g overweight which seems to be standard for me. Maybe I just get on his good side.


Anybody else experiencing delays with him again? I’m on 1 week now