Well, Rapture's Down


Gary Swedge market.


I still get the occasional ‘‘Down for maintenance’’ message on Rapture. I had a chat with mods from Olympus and they told me that they experienced really heavy DDOS yesterday and that rapture might have the same. Some form of communication from Rapture would be nice though!


They’re also being ddos’d bad


Speaking of swedge where he hiding?



Edit: Weird both the maintenance.php and register.php all work fine…


only shitty vendors like u go on Rapture


But harsh that aint it mate.


Killergrumps is in a grump today


If it was a DDOS then no pages would be accessible?

Definitely an exit scam! :wink:


I had the worst experience with UKEdibles last year, Its deserved for him…

If he just owed up and let someone competent take the name i’d appreciate him. Or perhaps switch products or learn how to do it and explain detailed.


Never a grump mate I kill grumps!


If you had bad experiences fair enough man. Just though it sounded like a personal attack aimed at him/her specifically, rather than the business or service provided my bad bro. Seems like the good ones are few and far between these days man.


How hard can it be? Make a test run, test it on yourself and 10 other people IRL, if good make a large batch and keep on selling that. If issues come up, remove the item apologize and compensate.

It’s just the want want want want and want, they still continue to run and dont learn from their mistakes is what bother me.


Was wondering if Swedger was here!


Of what is that screenshot from?

edit: not trying to bitch here, but adding onion links isn’t allowed.


Have you knocked out yourself irl? Its not as easy as people think. Online adds an extra levels of complexity.


I mean you should’ve done calculations before hand for the dose and it should remain the same unless you’re an idiot when it comes to decarbing.

sorry if i cant read or maek sense im reallyyyyy flying on codeine


All seems to be working again fine!


Good catch there, don’t forget the report button. It’s not snitching I swear! Also thanks for the update.

@UKEdibles I’m not inferring you were trying to break any rules or gain anything by inadvertently having a market link in that image. I’ve edited it out just to make everything squeaky clean as we do rather people go elsewhere for them.


Still down for me…I only wanna use it cos I have about a tenner’s worth of bitcoin on there that I wanna get rid of haha