Well, Rapture's Down


Are there alternative links available somewhere or do they only have 1 link?


We can’t break the law by providing you with links to a DNM


I know, I am just asking if rapture has multiple links or just 1.


There is 4 links available via other means


I have some personal links that were supplied before it was setup for quick access but these are also dead. Amigo was saying they are still working on the bugs. You can run a script on python that will let you know when it’s back online if you really wish. Kinda how like dnstats works


Ah yes. Got those links and all down too. Hopefully they stort their stuff out soon…!


We have those vendor only links too, and they also appear to be spotty at best


Doubt it , they’ve moved to dream with listings , heavy ddos


Letswork has a list of alt links on his profile page of a certain market he used to vend on .


Yeah, they have moved all listings as well now… Looks like it could be down for a while until these kids stop attacking the markets


It’s more than likely another vendor paid for the attacks it doesn’t cost too much for that kind of service or it’s the pool tbh


Exit scam!


Multiple markets are down, so could all be using the same host that’s having problems.

Or they’re exiting, finally.


aren’t they the original ones?


LW just put listings up on the other market


which market?


There aren’t many other main markets!

It’s not alphabay, hansa or silk road


Sheep Market?


meat market?


Fruit and veg market