Well, Rapture's Down


That sucks balls, fingers crossed for you.


Same for Olympus, right?


Quite a few markets and vendor stores are down at the moment according DeepDotWeb.

I’m not even getting a ‘Down for Maintenance’ message for Rapture. Just loading timeout


DeepDotWeb doesn’t even load for me? Great…!


I do have the rapture down for maintenance message, so thats a '‘good’ thing. Just curious as to whats up with Olympus too.


Wonder if they are under a DDoS as I’m getting the cloudflare page then bugs out.


Back online!


I’m still getting down for maint


Yeah, down again for us. Still no XMR in our wallet. Sure LW will have things moving pretty fast again.



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Not posting the link here unless Admin is okay with it, but Olympus just posted alternative links on their forum. /threads/links-that-are-working-to-the-market.1208/#post-7221

‘‘The main link is atm under very heavy DDoS so will not work in the next few hours.
All the other links are working fine right now-’’


Thanks for updating users and holding off on full links. We like to keep this place link free for a combination of legal reasons and it stops any one posting scam/phishing links. We simply couldn’t realistically vet them all.


Totally understand that! Is the way I posted the above partial link okay, or rather not?


So. Very. Much. This. :joy:


I’m not sure it’s come up before to be honest. It’s not doing any harm as is at the moment, I’ll leave it be as is until I hear one way or the other. If it were a link to a listing that would be different but as it’s just a forum link it might be fine. Thanks for asking.

Edit: In this example this type of half linking to a market forum is absolutely fine.


Markets back online. Just had a look


I’m looking right now, and none of the links are working still


Yeah still down for me…


Some of the links are working again, then you click on orders and bugs out. It could be that they are under a heavy DDoS but unsure. My XMR has still not shown up. I would imagine it will be sorted tomorrow or LW will be kicking the tech teams ass.


its been confirmed that it is under heavy DDoS attack hence the links are not working :expressionless: