Well, Rapture's Down


Anyone able to access Rapture? All links are down.

First time I’ve seen the market down.

What do we reckon? Maintenance or scam? Bets on, boys

At least the chances of some people receiving their packs remains the same whether it’s up or down. So many no-shows lately

Not sure if aloud delete if not but is rapture down for anyone else?
Is rapture market down

Wallet hardware failure maintenance scam


Down for maintenance.


typical. Only signed up to at the weekend order from ukedibles as they weren’t anywhere else, never used it before because didn’t trust it even more than dream.

They messaged me about not being able to access my pgp’d address as there was an error on rapture so I know my order hasn’t been shipped.

Hopefully just down to fix the xmr problem and this new address problem.


They still not fucking sorted xmr?


Oh I have no idea if it was fixed, just remember it mentioned


Pretty much we lost access to all our orders this morning, had to contact each customer to resend the PGP. Hopefully they fix the bugs soon. I raised a few issues about the XMR withdraw bug. Sure it will be back soon!


Payed for an order with XMR. The order didn’t go through and the XMR never got returned to my wallet been like 3-4 days now and I’ve been told by LegalAmigo that they are working on it. Not really sure who tech support is so hahah


LegalAmigo is pretty good, has helped me get a few things sorted but don’t think he’s part of the tech team as he always refers to passing it onto LW and Tech. Think the forum was due to go live the other day also. Hopefully the snagging will be sorted to allow the market to grow.


I’ve had a ticket open with the tech team for weeks.
Legalamigo told me he doesn’t think they have a tech team?


It’s “up” with a down for maintenance message now, maybe fixing the XMR issue


Not sure if aloud delete if not but is rapture down for anyone else?

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i see lol thanks


Fingers crossed they are working on the several bugs reported. Amigo needs to get on here even just for a status update.



lovely that aint it ffs


Aye it’s annoying, sent XMR earlier and never arrived. Should have learned my lesson from last time and just sent over a few quids worth first.


How much was it mate?


my UGC hasnt landed even worse bullshit m8


Roughly @ £120ish +/- £10