We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


Used to be heavily involved in the Benzo scene, started & ran one of the biggest subreddits “Xanzia” which was banned with everything else 20 days ago :weary: I’ve spent years on the harm reduction IRC over at tripsit in opiates & benzo channels mainly.

Although I don’t use benzos anymore, due to a past addiction and being in recovery you would be troubled to find anyone more knowledgeable on benzos pharmacology & withdrawal expertise :slight_smile:


Well that’s not a bad CV right there! I was hoping to bag a few people who ran subs that got taken out to give similar roles to. While it’s not quite as prestigious in some ways maybe I hope that each category will take on its own flavour as they grow as communities. And it’s just us breathing down your neck not Reddit admin.


Honestly Id be happy to have a more mini-mod role as this thread details. Running a subreddit is like a second job aha :+) well let me know, happy to help in this awesome community! Been here since start of dnmuk. :heart:


I would be more than happy to mini-mod #cannabis and #ketamine if needed.

They’re both substances I’ve had a lot of experience with, more so weed but I feel like I could bring something to the table.


I’d mini mod benzos if needed


Name checks out.


I’m pretty balls deep into the world of research chemicals so can help out in that regard if needed?


A vegetable running the research chemical area sounds good to go m8


Agreed thought it was apt