We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


It’s literally THE SHIT.


That’d be a harder smell to conceal then bud surely?


Clearly your not on the good shit.

Your user name is causing me to have a stroke I think.


BUT not illegal ! Gillian McKeith gets poop samples all the time !


I’m on the best shit! Fed on organic sweetcorn and brussel sprouts and ripened for 3 days before I let it loose. I then cure it in glass jars, never burping it (beginners mistake to burp jenkem) for 28 days. Tried and tested recipe.


She should also be put down.


@DNSTARS well done for derailing


There was a poor sod who left his name and address in the feedback for a vendor, and he spelt the city as Engalnd. Thought it would be a good username turned out it was a shit choice lol.




It’s worth it to discuss jenkem.



If you like ket you will like the song ketamine ocean


It’s great but I swear if I ever spell it like that now it’s on you!


A few comments up, saying it’s not illegal and something about Gillian mckeith does it.


I don’t mind expanding MDMA to empathogens, it’s a rather slow category atm.
Maybe I can be MDMA & RCs? @Bung


remind me when less ketamine




I stand by that statement I was very confused, and there is a fatter line left.


fat line

uuuuhhhh the temptation time for another bar


Cheers mate, do my best to help out :slight_smile: