We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


Hi, I would really like to mod /c/Jenkem, if no one has already beat me to it…?


I’ll co-mod it with you if a) let me upload video experience reports b) we include krokodil and other desperation drug intakes in the category


Hey hands off - krokodile is mine!


Ahh, was under the impression stims was a catch-all for various research chems etc for some reason i thought stuff like Amphet etc had their own category


what am I on about; it would fall under the RC category duh


Send in your CV mate, needs to be good though :joy:


I’ve just been having a chat with this one about well what we’re all about after closing a craig_david classic! Knew I wouldn’t regret inviting them back… Anyway @Pinball420 seems like a good egg if your looking for another soldier. Duno what he knows about his sniff I’ll leave that to your domain. If your both happy let me know and I’ll add him on in to the mini mod group.


Send him over. Everyone’s welcome to this party :+1:


I’m happy for certain RC’s to fall under stims if they feel more appropriate there. I’m sure down the line it will get confusing but as long as it works!


yeah but having to ask “are we talking 4-mmc or missold mephedrone aka 3-mmc” in every drone post makes torture in the form of repeated opiate overdoses to recovery then forced heart attack to recovery rinse and repeat 10 times sound like much more fun pahahaha


Crap you lot are slowly figuring out this stuff entails work and how to delegate already.


work? I’m just the entertainment?


No mate, you are the man :+1:


how dare you assume my gender next you’ll assume my species. You’re lucky I don’t write you up for workplace hostility or whatever the sjw twats define it as


He really is you know that @Leon_9462 he said next week despite work commitments he’s going to turn the opsec category to TOPSEC in no time. He’ll even teach me what that PGP shits all about and how to use it!


I’ll chuck in a full pentest too after I’ve spent 5 days doing another certification update course at a gchq facility whilst that marketing strategy. Like I said in the opsec catagory; I cannot lay out a guide without it ending in a futile debate with someone who has no insight making more work for you but that I’d mitigate that by letting people ask specific questions that I will answer but if you want that kinda added hassle then so be it.

The opening line will be; Your opsec is already wrecked. How can you limit the damage of this" which is truth; but think about the responses to that


I’m 14 and what is a jenkem?


I don’t know. Heard it’s shit though.


order some, wont even need EC testing, you’ll love it if the vendor stealths it right


I’d be happy to do the cannabis sub (is it called a sub on here?). Smoked for 15 years so I’ve gained a bit of knowledge along the way!