We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


I’ve got other plans for you bae.




Think I could be useful for ketamine


Anything will do really. As long as you can get between 7-10W. I find 8.5W using the Innokin coolfire 4 tc100 is the sweet spot. If you go to 10W it will have more indica effect. But yeah as long as it has a button on it, any vape will do.


Yeah yeah whatever, cunt.


Can you tell me what the easiest and most effective way of making something I can mix with regular juice that will give a good high? Been researching for ages and the judo is allover the place.I have loads of baking and liquid mixing stuff, just missing the good part.


Anything related to harm reduction I’m happy to contribute to. I have medical training and am fairly well versed in the pharmacology and clinical/psychiatric aspects of illicit drug use and addiction so I should be able to answer most questions about safety, combos, dependence etc. and dispel any misconceptions about specific drugs and all that malarkey. Don’t really have the time to do any modding or anything similar but if you want to direct some medical/harm reduction etc. questions my way then I’m happy to help.


anything about amphetamines or prescription stimulants and ill take some and write a book


not if its a 100% sativa cart surely


id like to mod anything opiate based , as a daily functional user, i have a lot of knowledge in the subject. ive done loads of research on the subject over the years and willing to spread my knowledge. ive tried most opiates , mostly H and will be making people think before they chose opiates. i know how dangerous this subject matter is. even though i use daily, im very against the use of people trying it, but if they really want to , i will offer advice from my personal experience and knowledge. This includes all pharma based products.



The chances of getting an actual 100% sativa are very slim. If you have one then the effects would be less heady high and more body stone.


Regular juice? Do you mean e-liquid? If that is the case I don’t see the point because it is something extra to dilute your all ready diluted concentrate mix.

Buy some wax liquidizer and add your shatter or wax at a ratio of 1:1. This will make a good juice that is too thick for cotton wick carts. Buy the liberty v9 carts which work well with thick liquids.


add meth; great for tryna get stoned with a cold


PUtting together a couple of threads basically steroids 101. All the neccesarily info none of the bullshit you have to soft through elsewhere

As well as discount for blood work, damage control protocols etc hopefully get it up this weekend Tuesday latest


Any mod positions left? Even the tech one?


What are you asking my man? Ask.


I think someone should volunteer to do a Meph category. Someone like DeHook would be great, know he knows his stuff, i’d like to think i wouldn’t be too bad shakes at it myself but unfortunately I’m far too unreliable for that


Can’t be having that since every cathinone is Mephedrone apparently according to a vendor; no-one will have a clue what chemical is actually being discussed! Also that would fall under stims unless the MDMA minimods wanna waste time on that clusterfuck


I’d like to be a mod. My specialtys are benzos, H , Tech and music


Was going to say cannabis, but looks like theres enough people on that one. Cocaine id say, know a fair bit about the distribution of it, and a little bit on different cuts, vendors, and global prices etc etc.