We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


I’m willing to help out regarding Amphetamines.


second @12IH


I know you’ll do us proud.


Did wonder when you’d show up. Given the work you’ve done so far it would be an utter disrespect to not offer you a role in the future of our amphetamine section. (soon to potentially become a stimulant section?)

Likewise @DruggedMonkey69420 I’d be happy to have you on board in this regards. I’m not too sure as to quite whats happening with stims vs amphetamines as categories. Personally I feel it’s best to have an umbrella section as there’s overlap in much of the advice and harm reduction, as well as topics all users involved would be interested in. But this isn’t my expertise. Also some small user bases like meth need to live somewhere and if we can half contain you lot buzzing about your keyboards like hummingbirds this might be the most active substance category regardless of how many users it has! I jest but we can better discuss this tomorrow.

I also need some RC folks as you mentioned, I have no fucking clue about them and need some serious drug nerds there. No one has to know everything but hopefully a holistic team will form.


I’ve been away for the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll help out with whatever I can with stimulants; and possibly mental health stuff as well if wanted.


Good to have you onboard old pal :+1:


This would be greatly appreciated, I will be creating a mental health category for harm reduction soon, I’d hoped tonight but it’s much too late to start. It’s a very serious topic and even though what I put up to begin with will be a token effort. It’s such a large open ended area, but also one that’s very important to so many here I don’t want to take it lightly. We’d appreciate input from all walks of life there.


I will do my best! I will add,I was always rubbish with a stick, but super accurate with ninja stars!:martial_arts_uniform:


What’s the best vape for using them? Can i use a standard cheap pen or do i need a fancy thing with all the bells and whistles?


Well drug abuse comes as pretty standard with many mental health disorders, so as well as general harm reduction, stuff like alternative coping strategies, help with addiction would be good.


Looks like I ended up on Psychedelics mate :smiley:
I do also suspect I’d be more useful in RCs than MDMA, although I guess MDMA needs a moderator more than RCs so I’m fine with either.


Happy to give support to the opiates section if required. Always keen to help :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need someone for ketamine, MDMA, RC’s, opiates, benzos or psychedelics.


Nice one boys.


Between you, me and @RejjyIV I’m sure we would have a great little team mate.

Dont know if anyone noticed but I edited some of the descriptions to the weed sub-catogries this morning. Gotta start somewhere…


If you want more help that’s up to you two to decide now.


Hey, is there any way to contact you? Tried PM but it’s disabled.


That’s an easy decision. Welcome aboard @Nikolaiik.


Keep it free of listings and take care of it is a big category.


lol guess I didn’t qualify aha