We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


Surely that’s an unfair fight?
In the blue corner stoners who can’t be arsed making a pot noodle.
In the red corner sniffers who want 28hrs a day!:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Youll win bro. Your posts are ace.


Yeah but it’s OC, all the coke lads can do is shout about politics to one another at 0300 in the kitchen.

You lazy cunts get creative and shit.


Hope you can be arsed making more than a pot noodle by the sounds of it you regal @RejjyIV , & @pizookie, have some responsibility if you accept it running the weed section.


:joy::joy::joy: So true. You should have seen what I used as a remote control,one night I couldn’t find it!:joy::joy::joy: I probably spent more time and energy building a long pokey thing, than it would have took to get up and switch it over!!


Sounds like pot power!


Fuck that, I’m a casual contributor, see I’m leaning on a lamppost whistling away to myself! Casual as fuck.:joy::joy::joy:


It’s yours now @RejjyIV, get busy with it you’re being elevated to elite ganja grade IV (no really its user level IV).

You are now in fact Rejji the IV in title and deed.


I like ketamine


It just fits too well doesn’t it!


Really I had you pegged as more of an opium person, go figure!
Well there appears to be openings in or thriving Ketamine team of well uhh you… keep it wonky.

@beardmadden it’s taken me a while to address you, despite being the most eager beaver to stand up.
I’d be happy for you to make our pingers category into a winner.




I’m quite happy to oversee the psychedelic section on my own or as part of a team if needs be. I’ve got years of experience with many different substances at varying dosages as well as combinations, links to resources and things like that. I appreciate I don’t post a lot at the moment so if you want someone who’s currently more active in the community that’s cool.


We all have to come out of our shells at some point, I’d be happy to make you part of the tie dye crew.


Pipe down lad, before i put my quill down your pea cock.


Cook him up something from Sassy Foods, you doing edibles anytime soon?

Right slags roles updated we still need more who wants what?


Yeh yeh, nah, yeh cunt.


:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I thought you were taking the piss!!
Thank you, I accept the compliment in a humble manner.
I will of course contribute what I can, when I can, as I always intended to, but beware that you may be disappointed to find that I use very little of the powers/privilege bestowed on a leader(:joy:) as I plan to remain pretty much the same as always. Chatty and over use the :joy: emoji.


The better the mod the less they need to use the stick.


I’d happily mod, novel tryptamines and Phenethylamines 2c-x etc. Also best practices with fluorinated amphetamines and research stimulants are my jam so I’d love to much in on that too

Hope this helps!