We need enthusiasts to mini-mod their interest fields


We have a lot of categories, cocaine is spoken for and so is OPSEC (about to be created) and methamphetamine.

If you see a corner of our garden and would like to tend to it and watch it grow leave your name and category you’d like here and why.

You’ll be promoted to level 4 user and given domain over your area to cultivate it how you like it, do a great job and naturally mod spot could be on the cards thereafter.


I think I could do a good job with MDMA or Research Chems. I know my way around them both pretty well, especially when it comes to the harm reduction side (thanks Tripsit).


happy to look after the opiates section unless someone more qualified would like the honours


If no-one else puts their hand up I’d be more than happy to look after the cannabis section. There’s probably a better fitting person for the job but I’m here if needed. I’ve been a daily smoker of green, hash and/or concentrates for the best part of my life.

To be honest though, if theres anything I can generally do to help this place please get in touch. I’m online 90% of the time.


Psychedelic spot I’d tender to! If there is any need for me let me know.


Home made vape carts are my thing. Tried just about everything.


You sound the perfect choice bud.
I will contribute bits and bobs to the cannabis news, and reviews, but I don’t want to commit to too much more than as a casual contributor. (Casual by fück! I’m on here every 2 minutes.:joy::joy::joy:)


Cheers mate! I’ve never done anything like it before but would definelty give it a go. dnstars is my new home. I want to be part of this place and willing to help in anyway I can.


Top man. You get my vote!


between you & @RejjyIV I’m sure the cannabis spot shall flower :wink:


Ideally though it may start as a one man job, I’d like to have small teams covering each substance section. While you may designate roles between you, ideally there will be overlap so you don’t need to all be on 24/7 pulling your hair out. (That’s for staff members to do)

We’ve probably got more potential positions open than the karmasutra so don’t be shy folks, if your interested take a step forward and pipe up!
We will be looking for a head mod of each section, they will most likely be picked from the volunteer pool than something you ask for.




I believe from chatting to him, he’ll fall under your snowy domain. Congrats you have a minion.
Now you look the part too, you can paint him yellow and dress him in dungarees if you so desire.


Thanks for the tag <3 Been speaking to Bung, waiting to hear more once he knows.


@YouBawBag is nobodies minion. Its a team over here in the coke section :rofl::joy::rofl:


How about team white versus team green for best OC April 2018? :sunny:


Get them lines racked!


How are them lines coming on Charlie?


Best crack on Stoned Sissy, only 27 days left :muscle::v:


@StonedSassy @RejjyIV

You just going to let this smack talk slide? End of April we see who has the best OC for fragging rights.