Warrant canary expired?


So I clicked on the Canary option in the menu, and it says it expired on 24th August.



Burn site, run to Belize :belize: to be honest I always thought the DNSTARS chap was a copper…


Our website builder, I have no technical knowledge (last time I had a grasp on computers was in secondary school where I learnt how to program in BBC BASIC) has had heavy personal stuff and isn’t with us at this time, I’m pretty sure that will be the reason.
DNSTARS juggles around 100 different roles whilst trying to keep everyone happy, impossible job, I’m not surprised things like canaries slip through the net or escape the cage. I’m sure it will be sorted now it’s been highlighted, thanks for your vigilance.


News just in that the alleged canary was purchased from therealhera and is in reality a budgie…


Good spot, I’ll see about getting it updated, of course in pure principle a dead canary now means you cannot be sure the site’s not being run by popo…

But then again any of the mods or staff could have been popo or sold their account to popo at any point canary or no. Which is why we follow zeh rules jah.


Although it was alleged the canary must be real as it was purchased inside a cage, EC tests confirm it is in fact a budgie pressed inside a canary costume.

One of Hera’s amazingly loyal customers who totally is not an alt of Hera has claimed that EC swapped the samples around after being paid a fiver to do it by UKB as he gets ready to open a competing vendor operation shipping from his hideout in Belize.


Hang on… you mean I can sell my account to the po po?! For how much?



About Tree Fiddy.


You have always refused to divulge your profession :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Always thought I’d make a good traffic cop.





Maybe @anon85867907 shouldmadd a quick and easy system where you out in the private key and the paraphrase into a text box and you can update it from the browser? I canmprkbably knock something up on about 10 mins if you like. I might do actually and stick it up on GitHub. I’m sure quite a few people could use it.


Make sure you’re not under the influence mate as we all know there will be plentyyyy of spelling mistakes :kissing_heart:


luckily it won’t work, even in PHP, with typos so it’s fine :laughing:

I’m on it now, shouldn’t take long. just doing the boring stuff like a simple template system.


Done most of the boring stuff, little bit more to do. Then like I said, the logic of the app takes about 10 min, pretty simple! Going to bed now but I’ll wake back up and finish it later. I’ll open source it so anyone can use it so if someone wants to look at some messy unwashed code, here it is too. Obviously I’ll stick it up on GitHub but I couldn’t be arsed to set up an anon account so I’ll do that later.

edit: Already a spelling mistake where I wrote PHP not PGP haha I will also spell check it


So the canary has now been removed, gives you a 404. Hello LE


I asked tangled to remove it since there’s no such thing as a resurrected canary. Though for purposes of comitting crimes etc everyone should always assume the site is LE controlled.

That notwithstanding however:

Hash: SHA256

I am DNSTARS and neither I nor BBI have had any requests for anyone's information about anything since the
inception of the DNSTARS project.