Terrible insomnia


:joy: haha too true lol


Yeah, I probably could improve my sleep hygiene. Previously it hasn’t help ed a huge amount but I have to admit that I am a little all over the place with bed times etc. I’m careful with caffeine but other stimulants not so much.



Pretty much anything else one can think of sits at polar ends of a spectrum; either borderline ineffective, or catastrophically damaging to sleep quality so as to be not worth while.


Yeah I second melatonin. Works for me anyway. It’s the natural sleep hormone what your body produces when it gets dark etc. preparing your body for sleep. I got mine off US ebay. It’s not illegal here but you can’t buy it without prescription so that’s why I used ebay! It doesn’t knock you out like benzos, more kind of drifts you off into a normal sleep haha.


Yeah, 1st generation anti-hist, not just known for drowsiness, also good for sea/travel sickness issues


Turn off LCD screens an hour before, read, cold room


Try out L-Theanine. A high dose of 250 - 500mg is great for inducing a quiet mind. Valerian root and dried hops (You can buy a bottle of 100 tablets for a tenner or so from Wilkos), while both not amazing when used alone, are a good addition to a high dose of L-Theanine. You could have enough of this stack to last a month for less than £20

If your insomnia truly is bad, possibly talk to your GP, and look in to Amitryptaline. On a low-dose before bed the side-effects will be non-existent, and it’s powers for inducing sleep are next-to-none.


Agree with 1st gen anti-histamine as well, but they seem to stop working after 3/4 nights, for me anyway!


Since starting using 3 mgs Melatonin at bedtime for last few months im having fantastic sleeps .


Hard graft the whole day. Graft not just for ur body but mind as well. Very important. Mentally and physically tired.


Running multiple accounts is tiring as fuck hey mate. Rest easy big fella


I quote what H3rb said, and please consider reading this book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34466963-why-we-sleep
It will change your view on sleep, a life-changer for me. The author is an amazing guy, I’m sure that after you read the first chapter you are not going to stop.


Good call - the guy who wrote that book was on the Joe Rogan Experience the other day. Fantastic episode and extremely informative!


I struggled sleeping till I started doing 3 X 5 km a week, now doesn’t really matter what else you’ve been doing your body is just thank you please zzzzzzz


Long time sufferer. Tried Diaz, zopi, traza, mirtaz, amatrip, ambien, even quitiapine (serequol).

Diaz is nice and fun for obvious benzo reasons but won’t actually help.

Zoplicone knocks you out pretty quick, and if you have moderate to extreme insomnia, couple hours later a light noise could easily wake you and now your not going back to sleep.

Mirtazapine, again knocks your ass out at sends you off to a nice fluffy cloud. When you wake a few hours later you will literally eat spoonfuls of sugar if there’s no munchies (not literally). Depending on eh dose, you may feel a dizzy stone

Quitiapine above 400mg will shut your lights off in minutes even after a a half oz a pub grub Charlie and beans. (Literally). Way too strong to be used solely as a sleep Med due anti psychotic aspect.

Tazadone weak shit, one of the cheapest meds to make. Two nights worth of sleep and very weird 2hour+ erections in the middle of the night. Most definitely not in a good way of that can be believed to be such a thing. Kinda like a solid dick that has the cold sweats and just wants to curl up and go to sleep but can’t…(if you know you know).

Amatrip yeah works well for moderate insomnia, destroyed my short term
Memory (no idea if this is general consensus).

Ambien best all rounder imo, drowsiness became an issue.

Current protocol consists of Beta blockers and Gabapentin. Beta tackles anxiety and the gabapentin stops RLS (restless leg syndrome) which I had no idea was a thing until it stopped and I started sleeping. Still only get maybe 5 solid hours sleep but atleast when i do wake I’m not plagued by the physical and mental symptoms insomniacs deal with actual even may Go as far as calling it “Relaxed” :joy:.

Wish you all the best at finding the key to your sleep !!!


Similar here. Exercise daily, intense 3-5 times a week schedule permitting and then valerian extract to stop me waking up 5 times a night. You should also turn off any electronics at LEAST an hour before bed and only use your bedroom for sex and sleep. Stick to this for a couple of weeks for guaranteed results or your money back.


amatrip? Amiltryptiline?

It’s shit and shouldn’t be used for sleep. I felt like cutting my throat when I took it once.

Agree bout beta blockers, they are great!


Thanks for all the replies.

Amitriptsline didn’t work for me, made me drowsy but not actually sleep.

Zopi- gave me amnesia

Temazepam- worked once or twice

Strong anti-histamines- did nothing

I think the exercise and melatonin is probably the best route for me. I’ll take a look st the book tho. A friend of mine said that a lot of insomnia is caused by the gut, and advised probiotics. Seems to have worked for her.


Got me some 3mg melatonin. Tried it first time last night. Best sleep in years. I feel fantastic today!


Good stuff! But melatonin is just a hormone that your body secretes that regulates your circadian clock. By taking melatonin is like telling your brain “Hey! I’ve been awake for 16 hours now, it’s time to bed”. Melatonin helps regulate the timing of your sleep, but doesn’t really influence the generation of your sleep. I’m going to cite a metaphor for Dr. Walker: Think of sleep as an Olympic 100-meter race, melatonin is the voice of the timing official saying “On your mark…” and then fires the pistol. It decides when the race begins, but does not participate in it! Therefore melatonin is not a powerful sleeping aid, at least not for non jet-lagged people or healthy people. This means there is A LOT of placebo effect of melatonin (don’t underestimate it, it’s crucial in the pharmaceutical world). Don’t forget that over-the-counter melatonin is not regulated… several studies found crazy concentrations from like 90% less to 500% more than stated.