Terrible insomnia


So I’ve had insomnia for years and tried a variety of drugs inc most standard benzodiazepines. I currently am using 20mg of Diaz once every couple of weeks or so. I was just wondering what drugs my fellow insomniacs found helpful, as my current routine is leaving me lacking sleep.



Hi there,

Mentioned before but - Phernergan 25mg up to two a night. Prescribed by a Consultant Pysch - have a major benzo tolerance and is not addictive. Nothing could knock me out. Available over the counter, depends how you word it, as it’s primary use is as an anti-histamine.


Diazepam will not help after the first couple of uses, plus it lasts extremely long so you would spring back up right before you’re supposed to hit the pillow next day.

Most drugs do not give you a refreshing sleep anyway. Get to bed an hour earlier and try melatonin.


Any z drug as they are for sleeping only. If you don’t want a drug you will get dependant on I suggest mirtazipine, its great for sleep but it give you the biggest munchies ever. You literally have to exercise or your put a few stone on. You just crave auger, chocolate, cakes, cheese. Basically fat haha

Oh yer and phenibut is wonderful for sleep and anti anxiety but you can’t use it everyday


Exercise like fuck before bed


Zopiclone is pretty good for getting a good nights sleep and is not a benzo. Still tolerance builds etc, have you tried 5-HTP ?


Z drugs are good except Zopiclone. Zopiclone is probably the worst drug out there, ever.

A mate almost killed himself on it, and it was from the NHS.


Shite. Was he taking them as suggested by his doctor? Haha


As a insomniac and hardcore gym user this is one of the worse things you could do cardio at night big no no well apart from sex train in the morning if possible


Well fuck, works when Im away working with no weed and can’t sleep. Everyone’s different I guess


I’ve had an awful time with Zopiclone as well.


Zopiclone tastes like arse not even nice arse haha honestly stay away from that shit sleeping tabs in general don’t slove anything it’s not even proper sleep

Weed can help but also causes a lot of problems too if you’re a heavy smoker it’ll have a negative affect as cannabis blocks the last stage of your sleep cycle (Rem sleep) this why most smokers never dream once you quit you’ll experience Rem rebound hence the trippy lucid dreams it’s not been proven yet how important the Rem cycle is apparently it’s your body’s way of flushing out all your negative thoughts maybe this is why smokers are prone to anxiety who knows


The only thing that got me through insomnia without side effects was a heavy indica. Eating then smoking ensured once I fell asleep I generally stayed asleep.

In fact when I was a heavy toker, insomnia didn’t bother me much at all… When I had no work there was nothing better than waking, baking then falling back to sleep…

Arrrr the life of a jobbing actor!


Zopiclone can work - 7.5mg I remember, but tolerance is through the roof.

All I can suggest, and personally will be trying myself - is a massive gym go, after reading some decent sleep hygiene articles and the over the counter meds that I know work. All the best.


I swapped my workouts from after work to before, cut caffeine intake, doubled water intake and took ZMA before bed. But then my insomnia was down to overtraining and diet rather than anything deeper.


I’ve had the z-drugs. They don’t work on me and 5-htp. Melatonin is probably my last optiday n.


Yeah, I was a heavy smoker for a while. I might look into getting some cannabis oil as I don’t enjoy smoking so much now and would rent tret it as a medical thing as oppose to for pleasure.


I know its a boring answer but good sleep hygeine really is your friend, go to bed same time everyday, get up same time everyday, even if you’ve barely slept, stop all screens an hour before bed and follow a same routine / ritual every day, stop any caffeine cns stimulants before midday. This will help your bodies circadian rhythm. Also melatonin is good. If you don’t have a regular sleep cycle and always go to bed different times / get up different times, then if you are naturally prone to insomnia you’re going to have a hard time.


im lucky sometimes i sleep all day up all night then vice versa but whenever i need sleep it comes easy…blessed in that respect


:rofl: yeah I can tell by your jabber hours.