Taffy’s rascal og pics + general questions



Just got a few things to mention/ask which I thought I’d bang into one thread.

  1. If I’m out and about and go to look at the website through 3G I cannot establish a secure connection, this means I cannot view the website without connecting to wifi. I’m on an iPhone most of the time, anyone got any fixes to this or will I have to deal with it.

  2. has anyone spoken to ukcanna recently, used to be my go to guy, but as of the past 3+ weeks he hasn’t responded to me. anyone been in contact with him recently or know what he’s doing with life atm?

  3. Got some rascals og from taffy, absolutely fire this one - burns white ash, great potent smell with a long lasting high. pictures below!



Use public wifi when out and about , be aware of setting up an email to confirm these should be under a false name and accessed securely by yourself as you would the markets


Have you got content restriction through your mobile providingsssss. If so, unlock and 3g/4g should work.