Stimulants & going "bad"


I’d like to wonder which kind of stimulants give a nice productive rush, but that don’t make it too jittery.

I took a modafonil today, and though focused, I found the overal feeling quite uneasy/unpleasant. There was no nice easy rush. It just felt uneasy.

As a student, we used to plenty of speed and never had any problems. But as I get older, I know I have to watch out some more.

ATM, I ordered some speed & dexies, lying round. But haven’t tried them yet. It seems kind of contraproductive to mix them with xanax. Or not?

I thought of starting with small doses and see what happens. If they mix it up with lots of caffeine though, I know it’ll feel a bit uneasy.

Any good advice for certain products on this?


To answer one of your questions - Xanax shouldn’t generally reduce the effectiveness of stimulants at all

Obviously there are other arguments for not mixing the two though e.g addiction/dependency likelihood, save them for the comedown etc


It doesn’t? That seems counterintuitive, but great news,.,


Xanax can cause drowsiness so will reduce the effectiveness.m if you don’t get your doses right. If you take a smaller dose of xan then it will just take the edge of the stim but if you take too much you’ll be sleepy


modafinil is disgustingly shit tier in my opinion, speed is fine for me and so much cheaper. 2FMA is even better. benzos are decent with them, i prefer etizolam.


Modafinil isnt bad. It wont cause stimulant psychosis like speed.


Dexies make me tingle down there.


ordered deexies? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

someone stocking dex-tro-amp-het-amine?


For rilly.