So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


This would raise a suspicion of us being bent if we allow vendors to advertise.

It would also drive people like EC away from us.

The cost will most likely be 2:99 for the first 300 people. How do you feel about that?

To be honest rejiy I consider you a credit to the place and would not like to see you go.

I think I paid 30£ to flip and split last month so this would be a huge saving for me.


People are used to free content on the internet, unless like Jeff, you use those pay donkey porn websites.

The model that is trying to be realised here is far from free. For the future of the site, we need to get our heads around that.

There was some chatter about the usefulness of EC results… It honestly flummoxes me that people don’t get this bit?! Sure we are not ‘there’ and it’s not perfect by a long shot, but I sure as hell haven’t heard a single soul mention a better idea, never mind putting their money where there mouths are and starting an alternative up.

The more data points we amass, the clearer idea we have of a vendor and their priorities. This only comes with time and a active membership base regularly sending off multiple samples.

The whole project is an expensive one!

In my opinion it comes down to quite a simple question really, a question I am sure DNSTARS and I would disagree on as he is far more diplomatic and inclusive than I.

The question is what do you want?

Do you want a place to shoot the shit with like minded folk, share experiences about issues and products we have similar interests in and generally have a cool place to hang out.

Or do you want the above that actually comes under the encompassing mission of highlighting the very real Harm current government policy is having upon adults making informed choices about what they wish to do to their own bodies. Do you want to ba part of a community that isn’t satisfied with talking the talk and are genuinely interested in actively trying to enact change. A community that wants to educate and inform, a community that is attempting to use scientific data as one form of gaining a better understanding of what is contained in the illegal substances injested, hopefully helping users directly to reduce harm and putting indirect pressure on suppliers.

I know why I joined this movement. I was 14 a long long long time ago and happy to throw anything I could find down my neck. I’ve lost a lot of good friends and family along the way and I’m passionate about trying to make this aspect of the world safer for the youngsters growing up. Just say no isn’t good enough and is doing serious harm and causing death unnecessarily.

It’s not a cheap gig. DNSTARS has given his whole to make this work so far. I’ve tried to support this in every way I can. If paying a subscription helps, I’m all for it. I don’t think for a second DNSTARS would keep the data from the general public, I do see the need to fund that data.

Personally I see the need for this place to turn a profit too. I think admin should be a salaried position. I think adim should be in the financial position to buy in the tech support needed to ensure this place is secure. I think the possibilities are endless if we can start to secure legitimate revenue streams for this project…


I’ve been thinking about this over the last couple of days and reading the thread, I think it is possibly being looked at from the wrong perspective. The fee needs to happen to keep it going, it is a nod to the huge amounts of effort that have put into getting this place to where it is.
Look at the recent downtime, the time and effort put into getting it back up and running for us all must of been huge.
For that reason I personally am happy to pay the subscription to show my appreciation and support the show going on and growing.


I think it is too much and not keen on the model of site is only viewable certains days for not subbed users. I can imagine paying and the place being dead for the days I am paying. It should be a harm reduction/chat shit forum first and free. 2.99 - 3.99 a month for access to vendor reviews, market chat, that is the niche of this place. The always online harm reduction help and chat shit is down to the community and what we provide and should be open all the time. I’d even pay couple quid separate for the podcasts, enjoyed them very much.

That saying whatever happens this I hope it works out and hope to support one way or another.


I don’t mean vendors, I mean legit adverts, for example “ebay” then “Reagents” then “McDonalds”. On loads of sites they have banner ads that switch every 10secs or so, thus allowing 6 ads per min. There are companies that supply all the bits, they just get imbedded on to the site, after a fee is arranged.
I won’t be going anywhere @jeffbenzos, I may just miss weelends?
I’m planning on reviewing a CBD place I stumbled across the other week, the guy seemed well switched on about the whole subject, and runs a men’s mental health night above his shop once a week. He is a proper sound guy.( )


Yes mate, but most legitimate places won’t touch us.

That crown covers you until January anyway bud. You never know what santa might get you.

There was already about 50 people paying fees officially through the society @RejjyIV

This was split between rent and EC codes. The new fees will do the same


So then you have to target certain businesses to advertise with you. They don’t have to be uk based. They can be legit publishing like High-Times or other harm reduction agencies, or suppliers of drug paraphernalia ( my favourite word involving drugs!) Even apps that allow access to the dark-net need to advertise!!
Or porn-sites!!! The STARS would be rolling in it if they did a “pay per click” deal, on that!:joy::joy:


What about Wedinos? They may have a marketing budget, and they rely on receiving tests to justify their grants. And we seem to have a decent relationship with them. They may see us not using them,as a dip in their numbers and feel the need to support us in supporting them?
Or EC?
I’m off to work, laters.


putting 30% of the subs (the difference between £5 and £7, which psychologically feels a bit significant) into money for DJs and good reviews seems unnecessary. For me personally, that’s the sort of thing better covered by donation where subs on a harm reduction forum should be for codes and essentials.

That said if there’s transparency in the accounts I’m happy to contribute.


Truth is mate, people just want a place to shoot the shit with like-minded folk after a hard day of sleeping in and missing their jobseekers appointment. This dream you have of competing with the big dogs and bringing real change is a very distant one, and even so these organisations are built by professionals with big investments and a broad range of skills, none of which this place currently has. The EC results can sometimes be interesting to look at but they are effectively out of date as soon as they are published.

This place in my eyes is more akin to 4chan than bluelight, a nice place that will probably continue to grow at a steady place and one day you occasionally get a few bob left over for a beer or two, but it’ll be worth it because you’ll run an awesome community. But I’ve been a member of many over the years, moderated some, administrated others before the darknet was really a thing, and I find these places run better when the mods take a back seat and let the community build itself instead of getting ahead of yourself and trying to bring about dreams of grandeur, because it can hurt the community and bringing in any monthly fee WILL hurt the community. do it right, none of this fuss they just let people donated to server costs if and when they want and otherwise take a back seat, and that’s why they’re probably the biggest drug community on the interwebs with plenty of awesome, helpful content.



Good ref to 420chan, I doubt the population of DNSTARS and 4ch (especially an alt chan) cross a lot; if at all.

Changing or affecting the law in any significant way as a small community of illegal drug users is simply unattainable IMO, these laws have been entrenched in primary legislation and expanded upon in secondary for decades.

I think the most we can realistically do is provide accurate information and harm-reductive advice, and try to enact change on a case-by-case/individual basis. Not my choice to make though.


WEDINOS is a government organisation funded by the Crown, and ran by staff from the NHS.


i’m skint, and i can’t justify paying for the website use. if you want to add a subscription fee then i think you should go ahead as it’s your site but personally i won’t pay, and i think it will drive away a lot of current users as well as dissuade newer users. what’s going to convince them to subscribe for £7? i mainly come on here to chat shit when i’m fucked.

i also don’t think that dj stuff is necessary, but i will not be paying so that’s not for me to decide that’s for the people who will pay to decide. depending on how limited i feel without a subscription, i’ll go back to the chans, reddit and other obscure forums to talk about specific drugs.

just my opinion, and i don’t want to be hated for it… i feel like if conversation can’t be had honestly about this then it’ll be a bad situation.

edit - after thinking about it i’d probably consider something like £2-4 per month, although i’d still be concerned about the forums being dead


I agree that £7 is too steep at the start. I think I’d be happy to pay between £3-£5 a month and I think most others would as well. I know it’s only the cost of 2 chocolate bars different but psychologically it’s different. I think someone mentioned this above as well :+1:

And I agree that paying for the DJ / review stuff should be a donation thing and not a priority on spending the subscription money.


definitely but i think the ‘site activity’ aspect has to be assessed first. with the introduction of a membership fee/subscription, it’s almost certain site activity will decline. i think they’d need a good idea of how many would subscribe from the start. i’m sure there are a lot of reviewers etc. who contribute to the site, but wouldn’t want to pay for the site.


Why would they be paying to use the site sorry?

The lurkers who make day-in day-out use of the people putting up the reviews will be paying them, the response to that is typically something like:

Well it costs nothing at all to write a thoughtfully decent review or send things off to WEDINOS mate.

and on inspection those people generally don’t write reviews or send anything off to WEDINOS. So it clearly has a cost to it of sorts because if it was actually nothing nothing they’d be doing it themselves. The reason they don’t is because to them time is money, except when we apply the same in reverse then time isn’t money.


my basic point is people won’t want to subscribe to a dead website. if people only have access to the free website a few days a week people will leave and stop contributing. people who pay for the site will be able to post on the extra days, but there will be a lack of content and the forums will be dead unless a large amount subscribe. less people will be posting. reviewers who contribute and don’t pay won’t have access to the site on a lot of the days so they will stop contributing.

as i said, it’s just my opinion. i’m not certain whether i’d want to pay for a subscription anyway.


But 70% of contributions already come from people who pay.


There’s some conflation I feel between

  • Things that I post
  • Content

Obviously people who post anything are contributing infinitely more than lurkers are, but the people actually producing content are all going to be here by virtue of that content.

Case in point: @wherethefuckisrayvon just got your mix in my inbox, it’s sick mate see you on Friday. :sailboat:

@themission you think something like £2.99 a month and slide the wall to cover something like Wednesday-Sunday week would be better? This is a fun example because it’s the same principle - get the lurkers to subsidize you because you’re here present and posting and they’re not.


I haven’t read through all of this thread as I jsit dotn have time right now but don’t discount the lurkers. There are likely to be far more lurkers consuming content then then there are posters. What we/I want the site to be is informative and have a bar mreduction focus so that those that pair or dotn post still have access to valuable information. If a small stipend each moth helps this then I’m all for it but I wouldn’t want to price people out of accessing important info.