So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


Isnt bluelight a registered charity?


They absolutely can do further they go the better.

@NathanAdler I don’t think £6.99 constitutes what a rich affluent person is mate. If you’re a programmer you can buy 3 months worth of sub in 20 minutes I’d imagine, we’ll make use of your skills.


what addional requirements? no one is breaking the law here, you could run this on a share hosting packaging and it’d be fine, the resources of a dedicated server are currently wasted


I’m sorry and no disrespect to you but earlier in this thread “honest opions” were asked for so here is mine

This site was NEVER intended to provide a “community” or “harm reduction” its sole purpose was a money making venture I could see that right from the start so it came as no surprise when these costs were announced.
It is a small group of people who are going to make money out of what its subscribers are providing them with (for free) and they have to pay for the privalege of making people rich who don’t actually contribute much themselves. They rely on the viewers to do that.

Nice concept eh?


It does feel pretty snappy on here tbh and this is a VPS - if it remains as snappy as this I’ll ditch the dedicated box and eat the cost.

@NathanAdler when you say “right from the start”, this is, was and always has been a social enterprise there’s a reason why there were so many hoops to jump through for the lottery and football it’s because this place isn’t a “good cause” by legal definition.

Also I don’t think £7 makes someone rich and affluent, over egging the pudding a little.


Coming across a bit harsh there, I understand it might be beyond your means to pay the fee but you can still visit the site free, sometimes sacrifices have to be made so for some of us we can make the sacrifice to pay the fee if we feel happy doing that I don’t go out much now so what I save at the pub goes towards it or if it wasn’t for this kind of community I’d still be paying 100 g for coke instead of 50ish so I look at it that way



I think they are banking on the fact that no one here knows how to create websites, buy domains and know just how much html coding goes into this.

I mean I don’t want to be nasty but this place is very very basic in terms of the skills needed to create and “run” it so I wish they wouldn’t treat people like idiots with the fancy patter!

Server costs £250
Server administration £200
Data presentation development 150?



Fair enough. You’re absolutely entitled to your view and yep that’s the whole point of the thread. The only last point I’d make is yes this idea it’s making people rich is a nonsense.


Someone stick itv2 on family guy pisstaking Steven hawking :joy:



£94000 a year from just a 1000 subscribers



All caps? Come on mate you’ll be godwinning yourself next.


accident followed by laziness



Literally speaking out my arse here I don’t know how they’re run but I believe they have ads and don’t fly quite as close to the wind on some legal things like photos and letting vendors have some form of communication.

@NathanAdler I don’t think this is a case of yourself or us being wrong this was the type of conversation I was trying to steer away from. What do you want out of the site and what value do you (and everyone) place on here? What draws you here and what do we lack? The status quo can’t go on forever and we need to grow in a number of ways to warrant that.
I was typing this when you posted about the money making venture always being the goal and I won’t try and change your mind it seems pretty set. There’s no doubt truth there too while I began an am a volunteer it’d be great if this place was turning over a little cash as long as it’s not at anyone’s expense.
This is why I’m asking people what they want from us going forward that would make them feel they were getting value. When reddit pulled the plug we were gutted and tried to regroup and welcome in all the like minded folk we could. Ever since then we’ve albeit slowly made steps forward to being something more than our old reddit days which I doubt anyone wants to go back to. At first we thought that was flip and split, a way to crowdsource EC tests which are more expensive than most can afford especially for every purchase you make. People liked the idea in theory but it was always a case of a few funding them in decent chunks not everyone paying in peanuts like we’d hoped.
So here we are trying something else. And I’m open early to everyone, without the community we have nothing here.


Can’t see it making that much like but if it does then good on someone with a good idea money make the work go round and as long as I’m paying 6.99 a month and getting the content I want I don’t give a fuck who’s making money just my opinion and yours is as welcome as mine
Night chaps


If 1000 people want to hire a venue for a large event then sure, why not?


Not much use if 995 people don’t go!


£10 per year per person for EVERYONE might get you a better response!



I’m not sure how it all works, I’ve seen them (and erowid) run fundraisers but you might be right.


I can’t help but feel after a period of turmoil there’s been some miscommunication, this shouldn’t even be an issue with split sides when we all fundamentally want the same thing. Questions and accountability are tremendously important. However phrasing them with innuendo or accusation don’t foster an open culture. It’s late nothings is happening right away. I hope everyone can just


This my niggas…

is why DNSTARS Is on monthly or tri-monthly membership