So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


Sending a second, even bigger FUCK YOU to that guy too lol


Discourse won’t let you delete historical posts, it’s designed to stop hysterical users trashing threads as a parting snipe. I’ll suspend you though - have a good one.


Just log out mate and don’t come back. Done surely?


ban me for life then


Just stop logging in bro it aint hard.

My two pence worth…

I’m happy to pay to support the site and its core values but stuff like dj sets … not for me. However, ill chip in cos other parts of the site provide value that adds up to 7 quid a month (or whatever) of entertainment…


Yeah, the rationale (at 0300 mid week last) was that knowing full well there’s a significant fraction of people who don’t give two fucks about testing anything - what can we do to give them a tangible benefit in return. Well everyone likes music and we’ve our own DJs here.

In practice however feasible whatever members on aggregate want to fund is what they’ll get, a minor fraction of it will go towards testing and costs.

@munchmunchwhu as someone else mentioned - there’s nothing set in absolute stone but rather than tiered access I’m leaning towards simply PAID or not. There’s no reason to punish early adopters so the first X signups will get a life-locked price that’s very different to people signing up next year.

The implementation of the billing system such as it is won’t be a month-to-month chore, it’ll be this is your BTC address, pour whatever you feel like into it and if it’s over these values you’ll get additional time. No one has to actually pay either, there’s going to be plenty of ways to contribute yourself into that VIP bracket.


Yeah man each to their own, personally im a grunger kid so most dj stuff leaves me cold, but as i said, the site provides enough value in other areas so im willing to put my hand in my pocket.


Looking to see if there’s a clever way for people to “like” content which directly financially rewards them. That way people can tip whatever content they want to see more of without any particular top-down management of it.


Stop having a hissy fit going delete me drives me mad as all you have to do is not log in

It’s not a fucking hard thing to do


no attention to be gained from that mate.


Someone mentioned above about advertising for non logged in users. I Think that is a good idea 8000 people a day is a crazy number. i wouldnt mind paying 3 quid a month i think that is more than fair. Also i know a lot of guys come here from reddit and the site evolved from dnmuk, but i never see a mention of dnstars on reddit from subs like darknetmarketnoobs maybe a push to get more people on the site would be good. More people more potential customers and more money.


good point my freind


How much does it cost to send to WEDINOS?

Or to leave a review?


I came over here from dnmuk, through voat dread, somewhere else then here , I am a lurker for a few reasons but mainly because I am pretty skint and the guys who’ve been paying for the sites upkeep have their cliche thing going on.
Personally I am swimming in the budget end of the weed market and not much of what I use would benefit from being sent for testing , I mainly use the well known venders and my reviews would be repeats of what you’ve read before, when I left a review for the only concentrate vender I use that never gets mentioned here back on dnmuk the weed snobs decided that wax that cheap couldn’t be any good despite my assurances that it was good value for money so i haven’t bothered since.
I doubt I could bring myself to pay for forum access and would probably move over to… , I see why you would do it but i guess I would go the other way, use the free testing and only ec when there is a concern , cut costs to the bone and expand the user base so that flip and spin works .


I’m sure you aren’t the only person who buys budget strains, why not do a comparison of your recent experiences between vendors x, y and z, that Even if the vendors have been discussed before, adding your experiences provides another reference point for people to make informed decisions from. That adds value to the site and could earn you a month’s membership. There was talk not long back about fake hash made with synthetic cannibinoids, if you buy any budget hash, send a bit off to wedinos for the cost of an envelope and a stamp.


I find that a little weak tbh.

On the one hand we’ve got the strength of feeling equal to:

You’re going to be killing poor people with your greed semantic

Then on the other

I lack the motivation to write for the people here who are like me because people not in the target audience didn’t like a review I did once on a different site.

People posting reviews of cali tins tend to get raped for it, (which is another matter for another time) there’s plenty of people here who are swimming in the budget end of weed and really that’s where reviews and whatnot matter the most since the quality at low prices can easily range from awful to surprisingly good.

Any weed for £500 a gram is going to be “good”, right?

Point I’m trying to make is don’t be so fast to foregone conclude you’ve nothing of worth to add, you’re very very likely to be wrong.


To be fair most of the weed snobs just induce a roll of the eyes and a bit of gentle teasing.

Especially when you have been smoking for close to thirty years and you seem them going on and on about how they know x and y.

It’s just people on forums on the Internet. In fact I reckon most people would enjoy a change of pace and enjoy hearing about your budget smokes


Aye, budget smoke is a minefield, one vendors hundred quid oz will knock ya sideways another’s will leave you wanting… hence i tend to avoid the whole subject. Some reviews of budget smoke would be most welcome imo.


Yeah I’d definitely like to see some budget weed reviews for sure.

People don’t tend to cuss other folks reviews on here like on dnmuk either, so feel free to review away!


ill pay whatever within reason of.course im not.a fool good points on both sides tbf

I’ve been here from the start and want to see where this takes us.