So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


We don’t get anything at this stage, it’s merely a line of theoretical communication - however what I know for sure is that for someone to specifically hire a new staffer just to do our tests there’s no half in half out on that. I bet everyone would dogpile at the chance for something like that turn around, but if that were to ever happen and there’s nothing at all concrete it would be money up front.

Something like £2k a month.


Point taken lol.


What we need to remember is;

  • Without funding there isn’t a community.
  • Without posts/content there isn’t a community.

With that in mind there has to be an even balance to make both of the above efficient. Without one, there isn’t the other.

I can see this from both sides of the fence.

  • The select few that keep this place afloat can’t solely continue to do so, as it isn’t sustainable, nor is it fair.
  • Those that don’t contribute are not likely to ever take out a sub. And those who will, already are - or will get free access to the site via content they have generated (likely to avoid paying). Which somewhat negates the pay for approach as in a roundabout way it will never generate sufficient funding.

I would argue yes and no.

  • Ads displayed for people not logged in to the site would work, as mentioned there is roughly 8k visitors per day (a lot of these would be lurkers who haven’t logged in or even registered). This firstly drives the ad impressions up and secondly forces people who don’t want to see the ads to register/sign in - which organically increases content (and new lurkers).

  • Members who are logged in, thus creating content wouldn’t see the ads. Those that felt they wanted to help, could even go out of their way to click a few ads per day to increase the impression>follow through click rate and therefore return on impression. Imagine the Friday night coked up clickathons :joy:.

Obviously a lot of paid advertisers won’t want to be associated with us, but there will be some. And those that do want to be associated with us (paraphernalia shops etc) will likely pay a premium for the targeted advertising.

The donation model is another key aspect imo. This should be firmly placed in a permanent global sticky and a donation button at the top of the site rather than just tucked away on flip n split.

I would personally like to see a hidden donators section that is only accessible for 30 days following each donation of over £2.50 (hopefully there is a plug-in for this to minimise admin?). Yes this sounds like a paid membership subscription, as that is essentially what it is, but for many a ‘donation’ is more palatable than a ‘subscription’.

I know people have always been able to donate via flip and split, but it isn’t in your face reminding you that you can do so. Plus I suspect now people have seen this thread and are now realising that nothing in life is free (especially running this forum) and the impact the recent DDOS attacks have had, they will be more inclined to help out and donate - I know I certainly will be.

I like the idea of the DJ sets but I don’t know if we have matured enough to offer them yet as part of a membership subscription, considering many people have commented saying they are not interested in them. Possibly these could be kept in the hidden donators section as one of the donator perks. Other perks could be early access to EC results, discount codes for legit online companies who sell paraphernalia etc etc. And before someone says it I know this last paragraph massively contradicts itself - this comes back to the donations vs subscription thing, people don’t want to pay for something they don’t want to use, but will happily use it for free it it’s a perk from a ‘donation’.

A donator doesn’t have to be a donator to the site in general, it could be a donation to anything - DJ set, EC result, server costs etc.

This way there is two revenue streams, ads for those not logged in (plus coked up clickathons) and subscriptions donations. Both of which will work synergistically increasing in parallel over time.


Haha I don’t think so, but anything can be talked about. Likely we would be expanding the contracted hours of someone that is already working on the analysis team, and they all have names already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Expect a post gauging interest soon with a few more details about what a service with faster turnaround would entail/require.

While there are no specific requirements in terms of qualifications, our core analysis team is composed of 2 biologists, 2 pharmacists, and 1 chemist. Additionally, a few volunteers that have demonstrated the right aptitudes assist with sample preparation (weighing, dissolving and encapsulating the samples).

I would say our testing procedures follow GXP practices in principle, but our methods have not been validated following standardized ICH guidelines. We’re working on that, but considering the costs and that we’re more a harm reduction tool than a quality assurance service, it’s not the highest priority. I talked about the decisions we make regarding the trade-off of accuracy/precision vs cost in an earlier post, I can dig that up if you’d enjoy the read!

I don’t understand the word reprobates in this context, is it something like an auditor?



Reprobates, in this context, means the denizens of this forum haha


this is the worst place to recruit any type of person

careful, admiral


I didn’t agree with the paid for site access, however when you consider people leaking codes and the amount that KG, Jayboy etc fund this place paid for access has to happen.

The more EC codes, the better we look to people looking in from the outside.


Those two you mentioned are very open (strangely) to admit that they resell a fair amount what they buy from these markets.

Surely they have more of a vested interest in the results of these EC tests when they are selling these drugs on to others? In that case, people like that should pay a substantial amount more than, say, Joe Blogs who is buying his £50 percy order.


Understand what you are saying mate, but I don’t think that’s why they do it. If that was the case they could just wedinos the product or even use a test kit.

I think it’s partly the reason, but when you are moving product as long as it’s decent and actually what they say it is, I don’t think they care about knowing the exact %.


So 3£ a month is too much to ask?
You should take a read up about why we exist bud.


So they should pay for all the EC codes just because they may have a vested interest in the results? I don’t move anything, I still have an interest, does that mean I should just be able to get those results for free?


Think it’s more the point those who are more interested should pay more is all, as an aside though the point he’s making isn’t exclusionary to what’s going on. The proposition was they should pay more - they already have done. So now what?


Ah you’re right, he did say pay more. But as you’ve said…they’ve already paid way more! People would need a few years worth of subscription fees to get close to the amounts that some of those heros have ploughed into the site already.


I think all the dj stuff is bollocks and put a lot of people’s backs up. Its not like you can’t get any dj set you want through other places.

I don’t mind chucking a few quid for a year like 30 quid. As most subscription based groups heavily discount for a year’s membership compared to 12 month’s. Plus if you get people in for a year they feel like they have a bigger voice.


its a cult iv been trying to delete my account for days and cant,


It’s a cult?! :rofl:


Maybe it’s (BBI) a legal entity created soley to serve your wider interests in return for the price of one line of coke a month? Nope, it’s got to be a cult - course it has. Imagine getting messages at 0240 saying:

Dude just fucking pay someone to sort the server out already you noob

In order to provide a platform for you @starsthrow to moan. Oh wait, I don’t have to imagine that.


Bud, I think one plan is to allow the first 300 people to pay like £3 per month, so get in early and you could have a years sub for £36


Someone sent you that? Lol my wholehearted “fuck you” goes out to that guy.


so how do i delete my account i dont need harm reduction im not on drugs now