So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


Most people use adblock anyway


They do indeed.

Killer makes the salient point, this community from day one was, is and shall be the dark net substance testing and research submissions project.

Having that purpose is what shaped this community into what it is today, I’ve no issue with people wanting to “just shoot the shit”, but there’s a reason people are here and not [insert elsewhere] and that’s down to where we came from and what we’re doing.

“Just drop the testing no one cares” isn’t an option that’s on the table.

It’s the slow and steady way to erode vendor bad practice and make it uneconomical for them to take the piss. It’s the basis for being taken seriously when asking for drug policy reform from the powers that be.


They serve a purpose, hence why so many sites have them, they bring in money.


Fuck adds mate they drive me nuts.

I have a DNS black hole that stops websites from reaching the resources they need to display them.

I hate freemium content. I dont think 3£ is too much to ask a month. I paid 10x times that last month, Bawbag 20x times that, grumps and Jay about 40x times that.

Alot of other heavy contributers to flip and split as well.


Agreed. £3 is perfectly manageable and justifiable, given the quality of info / banter on here. I think £7 is a bit too much but others should pick up the slack a bit and not rely on a select few for all the heavy lifting.


Jay must have thrown 600£ at flip and split cards. And donated a few codes as well to boot.

Same with grumps.


Spunky, itachi as well - I dread to think what bawbag’s contributed, probably buy a house with it. :joy:


It’s not sustainable, bulk of the income came from around 10-12 people for a site 8000 use.

Bawbag could of bought a merc with it. You even tried to ban him at one stage.

120£ ish came from the society experiment but that was about to die off.

Alot of people in your shoes would have pulled the plug.

20 people had no problem buying threema during the downtime. So people will pay if there’s no alternative.

Look free shit is nice, but often not very wholesome, if we can prove a legitimate income stream alot of questions will go away.


Pretty sure everyone who bought theerma donated at one point or another / still do


You’ve made far too many assumptions. At what point did I say we should just make this place solely for people to shoot shit. I said the current model doesn’t work, not that it should be discarded entirely.

Secondly, no I mention out of date because they currently take around 4 weeks to return and then even longer to be funded, some vendors are not only on to their next batch, sometimes they’re even on to a batch 2 from the EC funded one. That doesn’t work, surely you can see that?

Your last paragraph is the ultimate goal for most who have some semblance of sanity and realise that the war on drugs failed long ago and is exactly what I would love to see happen but you have to be realistic in what is currently achievable. I would be concerned that the membership fee would kill the community dead.

If the fee is something that those in charge believe in then use that fee to obtain some basic advertisement on various social media platforms, contact ketflix and pills etc ( Yes I know it is grim but it could drive people towards the site), spend a little to create an uptick. Perhaps start a social media platform.

If you are concerned about how people view those on here then paywall certain areas of the forum, such as review, dnm level stuff and leave basic functionality open to joe bloggs. Just thinking out loud you know.


In a purely theoretical hypothetical fantasy land would your view on that change if the turn around was about… 5 days?


I agree with 90% of what youre saying but advertising with k&p is an awful idea, this place would be overrun by idiots


Yes I absolutely agree but can you understand what I am getting at with regards to getting the name out there which in turn could then drive expansion towards content/music/paywall etc?


Honestly, the timeline just needs to be shorter. If you could get it down to even returning 10 days it would be much more beneficial.

I know we can’t get involved with vendors but if you could create some sort of rapport with certain ones offsite and have access to future product prior to them releasing it that would also be highly beneficial, that coupled with 5/10 day turn around you could in theory have advanced notice of the current percentages of your chosen drug.

I understand that the above is highly unlikely but there are some well meaning vendors out there, some of whom I’m sure frequent this board.


No mate, this is illegal and open to corruption for all so sorts of reasons.


There are active enquiries to provide the former, as for the rest of it that’ll never happen and for good reasons not bad mate. It seems semantic twists and all that rhubarb but I offer people codes, I never conspire to send narcotics unknown substances in the mail.

Apart from anything else the allegations of cronyism would sink us.

“Would you like a code?” Yes/No is one thing.

“Hi mr vendor fancy sending me your drugs or sending off your own working together directly to provide a service we charge for?” Is a different kettle of frogs. Good points on the rest of it though.


I completely understand which means that the only option is to drive that EC code timeline down.


Spanish postal reform is needed. They are biggest issue to be honest.


It’s because of our track record (of sending thousands of quid to them) that that conversation is even open, an expedited service probably would mean we would retain essentially a new hired technician just for us.

To be clear, that would mean something like £26k a year worth of codes.


Do we get naming rights to the technician? Senor drugs perhaps. A dedicated technician would be great.

@EC-International could you give a run down of the qualifications needed to be a lab tech?

Is all of your testing GXP? And validated? Do you hire reprobates?