So what's popping with this paid subscription thing then?


So I figured it’d be worth having a bit of a debate about it on the actual server, rather than reddit posts on r/starsintheireyes.

I’ve been around for a while and have never thought of having to pay for access to a DNM based forum so personally I’m not game for paying £6.99 a month to access and post DNM reviews to a forum, sorry guys but it’s a no from me.

So what do you guys think about the price structuring?



gets comfy, eats popcorn


same price as netflix so 52 weeks of narcos with reviews and EC/Wedinos testing of their wares.


Given clear ties to the site I don’t want to muddy the waters of this conversation one way or the other. I’d like to know people’s honest opinions on this.
But I’d like to know what you would consider paying if not what’s suggested. What you value most and what you think we could do to provide more value?
We run ad free and try to provide as much as we can while providing as much as we can sustainably.
More funding would mean more content to. But it’s a chicken and egg situation.

There’s a lot of things I’d like this site to offer that we currently can’t with just good will.


fivers fair plus maybe one off donation credits for an extra incentive.


Obviously paying nothing is ideal but in life things aren’t free, especially people’s time so with this in mind and from what I’ve learned this last week I’m happy to pay it


I think a one off donation would be more attractive, paying £7 a month seems like a bump to me.

I don’t like this secret VIP chat thing below either, it makes me question whats going on in there and seems rather dividing…


£6.99 sounds a lot, maybe to some it is but it’s a pint a fortnight that definitively drives the project forwards.

Draft budget.

Server costs £250
Server administration £200
Community content awards DJ sets/guides/reviews etc £480
10 EC codes £600
Data presentation development 150?
Charity donations: 150

Total £1730

Members: 261

“Free” is never free, but for those who don’t feel they’re getting value they don’t have to pay anything, they’re still more than welcome.


There’ll be no consitent community then, it’ll be one time thing on very stable product.

It’s 1/10th of an EC code. An EC code everyone fucking uses and a small userbase sends out.

No one is hiding anything mate, if you want to see whats being said, you can pay and see (later on, nothing is hidedn as of now). We’re not having Threema or any stupid shite like that so theres no actual shady shady shit, DNSTARS, as a legal entity is not allowed to take payments from “shady” people so we have to receive funding from the userbase. (im saying “us/we” from a perspective of the society).

Its dividing because only a small percentage of users actually pay for upkeep, and then when that upkeep gets shat on by a dude who ddos its kind of a pain. There needs to be real infrastructure here and real return for brass staff who wake up everyday and start knitting the backend. Lurkers don’t see that, and lurkers who aren’t willing to help this place continue being a place aren’t [probably] welcome by the people who pay for the place. If that makes sense.


Fuck, have I just agreed fully with something Grumps has posted?! My nigga.


Very well said.

To be honest I contributed maybe 20 -25£ last month on F&S donations. This is as well with 3£ for the society.

Other people have contributed alot more to cards. The site wont run off good will. Im an IT contracter and any development work will eat up a large chunk of money to get things properly.

Money will be spent on EC codes also without the need to have to pay to flip a card. Some money will also get donated to charity.

Everybody likes free shit, but free shit doesn’t always turn out to be well developed quality shit.

@oniontyphoon was here at like 5am alot of mornings ninja moderating and keeping the place clean, not even getting as much as a thank you, same goes for other moderators.


The default behaviour whilst we’ve been getting uphill with this is punish the supporters.


While KG maybe phrased some points little abrasively (or politely by his standards) he’s kinda smashing the nail on the head.
On reddit we relied on donations to provide free EC codes. Flip and split was made to try and let people take control of subsidised testing of drugs in a way that’s to my knowledge never been done before.
I think the point that’s maybe not been conveyed is from the foundation the intent here we’ve always wanted to be more than this. The community is great and I love chatting shite with all of you but I also want this place to grow into something that isn’t a niche internet forum but somewhere that can genuinely help keep people safe by better informing them about what they’re taking and whilst maintaining and integrating their use into a healthy lifestyle.
To reach further out and really try and help both people be they new to drugs or those with serious drug issues who need support this site has to grow one way or another.
For those not looking to invest in that we’re not going away but we may limit some access to the site that’s not strictly harm reduction.Whilst rewarding those that do look to help us grow with some extra fun and games to say thank you for allowing us to do what we believe in.


You have to work out the amount of time you spend on here , if it’s a fair amount and you find it useful think of the cost that goes in to running this site , the people who put in all that work are doing it for everyone’s benefit why should they have to take on all the cost for a site we all use and benefit from ?


One day I think we’ll have to send you a real flag!


I get the majority of what your saying but access to a website for £7 a month doesn’t offer great value to me, I find Netflix expensive.

That’s a bit of a mad statement, do you not want the ‘non paid for’ communities reviews? I think you’ll find that there won’t be much of a community left with an attitude like that.


He’s talking about lurkers. Lurkers don’t generally make reviews. They don’t tend to post anything, they don’t add a whole lot.

People seem to want EC results but don’t want to pay for them. This is the best way of getting results paid for and released imo.


Why do you consider lurkers the community? Is it because you associate with them?

Reviews don’t offer money, and money is what we currently use in the 21st century. DNSTARS/society is not an NGO like the Red Cross or Doctors without Borders, we’re not funded by the UN or giant countries, so this site is just another commercial organisation and it has to be looked at from that realistic perspective.

The only reason people post reviews is because this site posts an offer, and that offer is the prospect of hosting a community. And it is unreasonable to ask a small sum of persons to pay for the rest of all of you who, as you said, can’t pay for netflix. You want it free for all? Can’t be done, at least in real life 21st century economically based world we live in that even the government and crown has to abide by, not kim jong wonderland. We (society/staff/furniture people) need money? We can’t unethically charge a small demographic for the rest of the population, so its a socialistic choice.


Server costs £250…is this monthly or yearly? why is it so high I run a website with unlimited everything for 40 a year???
Server administration £200…what exactly does this mean?

Community content awards DJ sets/guides/reviews etc £480…not necessary
10 EC codes £600…whats the point? they are retrospective…would be different if there were tests on what you were about to buy but its all for stuff that was on sale months earlier so useless if you ask me

Data presentation development 150?..fancy words what do they mean duh?
Charity donations: 150…eh? what?

are all these prices per month or year?


You think EC codes are useless mate? What do you use the website for then? If it’s just to chat to people and have a laugh etc then that’s all good, you can still do that for free, just not at weekends lol