Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


Yup the swab isn’t the thing they use in court, it’s what they use to get you down the station for the blood test isn’t it?


Didn’t know it was this serious… gonna have to stop daily smoking I guess.


Exactly bud.


It’s a dilemma for sure. Makes you wonder about what happens if/when it’s legalised.


Our laws are truely fucked, if I smoke on Saturday after a 6 day week, go to work on Monday and get hit through no fault of my own, I basically could lose my license for 2 years and my job with it? This fucking country man.


You should be ok with 24 hours in between. The swab shouldn’t show anything up after that and therefore you won’t get taken in for the blood test.

The blood test will fuck you for a few weeks after stopping smoking so it’s all about the swab detection.


Snort a line of coke on Friday night, get pulled over Monday morning and your swabbed, your arrested. No way on earth it’s impacting your driving. It’s drug enforcement by stealth…


So, do they swab as standard now or is it only if they have a justifiable reason to?


Actually can’t believe they count it as a DUI 3-5 days later.




The test isn’t sophisticated enough, it just shows if you’ve ingested the drug recently or not.

Lucky they are not cheap and no used routinely by most police forces, just if there is a suspicion or the copper is grumpy!


How long you been here? I moved from Tasmania 8 years ago. Planning on taking my car back with me in a few years. Come to realise my car is too quick for UK traffic.


It’s really concerning how low the tolerance for DUI is with these substances espically weed. Another example of the government throwing commonsense out the window. Having a spliff 4 days ago has no effect on my driving today. But I pint of larger an hour ago would yet that’s totally fine


Interesting. All I’ve read says what it tests for in weed degrades over 7-10 hours and shouldn’t show in saliva after that time.


I’ve had a mate of mine that had a joint the Sunday night and drove to work for 9am and got tested positive.


That I can understand as it’s within 24 hours. There are others that pass after smoking more recently than that. Bit of a lottery either way.


I would never condone you try to drug drive or get around the law, this article provides interesting information about the law.


Must be true as it’s in a newspaper that I wouldn’t wipe my arse on. Half the drug tests are positive! Fuck!

I was just reading if you are a habitual smoker of weed, it could be detected orally upto 30 days after! Fuck!


Yeah I think if you’re a heavy weed smoker, you are screwed.

Stupid backwards system to introduce, not about anyone’s safety at all.

The US always have to have one up on us though by doing things like this…


Yeah - I’ve tasted corsodyl before…I’ll take the ban lol