Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


I havent been pulled over in 5 years mate I learnt the long hard way. Watch the idiots overtake me then pull up next to them and think fuck that used to be me!


Dude they’ll find any reason to ticket you back home. I’ve had a ticket for not changing address on licence and another for having my arm out the window. Part of body outside of moving vehicle lol $30. I got my licence around the time the first fast and furious came out and Aussie full of Japanese cars it was a good time


That’s mad, money fiending stains they seem out there, worse than here.


Yeah all the fines just get sent to this debt place called SPER. Had an account paying like $30 a week to the cunts from the time I pretty much got my licence until I left Australia. Just kept putting all my fines on tick haha


Here they trick you into paying by offering 50% off if u pay straight away the cheeky fucks



You.know how.much I’ve paid in bus lane fucking tickets when I never even knew they were there, normally when going to new city’s

Pisstake mate


They got me for those fucking yellow boxes on the road!!! Only the back wheels too. Same spot twice lol. Didn’t know they were so strict we don’t have those back home.

Also, roundabouts here are mental!


Yeah them yellow boxes are cunts anol, haven’t been caught in many of them, normally redlighrs cameras with them that you can get caught the same time too.

Been on this roundabout? 220px-Plough_roundabout_sign

Never drove it but heard it’s shite


The camera for box was just on a pole some cunt was watching bro it said and saw me there

Similar roundabout near where I used to work it’s ok once you know how it works.


That’s the Hemel one. It’s not as bad as you think, though first time I encountered it, it was a WTF moment!


they have to really fuckin hate you to give you points for a tail light

fuck the police unequivocally but methinks they might have had good intentions tryna get you banned…


Anyone know the legalities on this? As in does the breathalyser work to the extent that it can tell you have purposely taken anything? Could you not have been spiked? Is it an instant arrest?

Obviously if the car stinks of weed/ they find a powdery substance in a search it’s a different story.


They can swab your mouth just because they feel like it and it detects traces in your saliva. A trace of anything is justification for a drug test which will show what you’ve had in the last 1-4 weeks easily


They were the same ones who gave me a ticket for not changing the address on my licence within 14 days so yeah they were cunts. I also got a ticket for “undue noise and smoke” so doing a burnout. But I was lucky i had a car load and the clutch slipped a fair amount or I could fish tail the car up the road lol. I’d already had my car confiscated for burnouts once before for 48 hours. 2nd time they take the car for 3 months so I was super lucky the clutch slipped or car would have been gone!!


Is this recent or has it being going on for ages?


Least 2-3 years, can’t remember when the law came in


Lmao weed is detectable up to 2ug/L of blood.

That is absolutely fucking creasing hahahaha
Anyone that smokes is fucked from the get go

Not that it makes much difference but Ket is 20ug/L!! Try driving on ket yo ded son


Its fucked mate, essentially you can’t drive iff you’re a daily smoker. I remember testing at 12ug.


Absolutely bonkers


Don’t even have to be a daily smoker really, if you smoke even a couple times a week it’d show on the blood test.