Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


Nope I did too lol


one way to find out buy a test from ebay and test it using the mouthwash :+1: ebay do drug piss tests also all legit ones they supply to companys, employers, NHS etc


just popped a bottle of Corsodyl mouth wash in my online shopping basket for this week :joy:


I’ve lost over 40 points had licence suspended 4 times lol


Good effort that mate


Young and dumb mate with a fast car lol


I can’t remember da science behind it.The swab tests for cannibinoid bacteria and corsodyl mouthwash removes it.

Been told piss works as well but how many stories have u heard where someone says use piss. Any excuse lol


Easy to piss yourself when getting pulled tho, easily accessible


I’d tske another suspension before pissing in my own mouth lol


Lol what’s your premium like now


40 points ur either lying or were dropped on ur head as a baby. How ur friends and fam let u get in a whip is beyond me


Haven’t lost my UK licence :sunglasses: keeping it to hand to police when I go home too.

Back home I had an extra $1000 on my excess.


Bro it’s easy one offence was 6 points speeding phone twice 3 points each they add up

That’s 12 points in 2 tickets. Driving a modified car will do that. Too low, that’s a few points, taillight out few more points.


I can still put my numbers in on sites and cheapest quotes I’m getting now is 6k lol


My boss has a ridiculous amounts of points, something like 40 odd.


Cuz he’s lying. Zzzzzz boring. U gotta be a special kind to brag about having 40 points on a license


It’s doesn’t ask me when i do insurance quotes if I have lost my licence. I haven’t had a ticket or even been pulled over in the last 5 years. I did learn eventually to not drive stupid.

All my suspensions were points based no drink driving. We have all the anti-hoon laws lol it’s madness


It’s possible tho lol


It’s not hard in Aussie. 37kmh over 6 points
Then another few speeding all 3 points. Done for using my phone twice that’s 6 points. I’m not bragging about it fuck it cost me a fortune.


Well I’ve hope you’ve learned ur lesson after 40 points haha. Stay safe out there