Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


Yeh serious mate. No roadside drug tests here :+1:


yeah but there booze is very expensive now :joy:


Lmao fuck sake, fuck England and Wales


Naw and no smell whatsoever.


Dangerous statement fella :joy::joy::joy:





Regret saying it now, last week I said to someone I haven’t had a puncture in months, had one Monday, wasn’t bad cost a fiver to get fixed.


I’ve got an egg in the side wall of a run flat…that’s not going to cost a fiver to fix lol


Haha unlucky mate, !


It’s my ultimate nightmare. Can’t get to where I work without an hour and a half train ride and then a taxi at the end. Worrries the crap out of me.


Used them a few times. They did a massive fuck up once and I had the M.D. on an email apologising etc.


You can test positive for coke on the swab tests 3 to 4 days after your last line. Drug enforcement by stealth if you ask me!



sounds like nonsense mouthwash ain’t gonna save ya


Same, I’d lose my job anyway. Almost enough to make you wanna stop :frowning:


almost… *reaches for tin.


Corsodyl mouth wash works for the swab. Keep it in the whip lads.

Edit: didn’t see someone had already posted. Soz.


not at all suspicious :laughing:


am i the only sad bastard whos googled that? lol


Put in a water bottle or summin