Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


wont be long before they can swab test for other stims, opiates, benzos etc lol be no drivers left on the road :rofl:


Sure they test for all stuff like that too right? Cos if I can drive on Val’s and not weed something is completely fucked up lol


They test for pretty much everything with the blood test down at the station if you test positive with the swab


:joy:, mate the old bills swab only tests for weed n coke atm , if they take you to the station they can take a blood sample which can tell anything yove taken @Nikolaiik just said :sweat:


Luckily it’s not here. (Yet) lol




i passed my HGV test many years ago whilst after taken about 40mg of valium :joy:


I tested positive for md, diaz, alp, thc and a bunch of different thc metabolites that made my results look even more fucked


Was that when you got taken to station after getting swabbed for weed yeah? :’(


Yeah man


Fucked it😂


Fack my heart will probably break if I ever got pulled


As we don’t have this here yet. If a car was pulled is it only the driver? Or passenger too?


Passenger hasn’t done anything Illegal. Wouldn’t test them


Nice 1 m8 cheers


No roadside drug tests in Scotland. Our government rejected it. Probably as it would leave no drivers!


@Nikolaiik we’re you red eye jedi when driving? Did car smell of bud?


Lmao empty roads​:joy::joy:


Serioussss? Scotland seems like the place to be, didn’t you all vote for independance or something?


Not in Northern Ireland either bro