Roadside drug tests for coke & weed


Anyone know the detection times for weed & coke if you were mouth swabed by the old bill because of a minor traffic offence?
obviously if you caned it and didnt have much sleep you be fucked, im talking maybe couple of joints and maybe 4-5 lines?
Also if the coke purity/ weed THC % is high it would have an effect on the outcome also etc, etc?
im just after a rough guide really, any of you guys been tested?


Coke will be shorter than weed, have heard it can detect weed for up to 24 hours, not sure of the facts though.

If that is the case I’ma be fucked either way since I smoke everyday.


you drive alot bruv?


I do mate



I tested positive 2 days after smoking.


Haha that’s stupid man, did you get a ban? Mate of mine got banned 2 year


apparently they can swab you for any minor traffic offence dosent even have to be your fault, it fucking scarey if you use regular, and drive alot for your job etc


Yeah bro it’s fucking worrying, especially after what @nikolaiik just said.


yeah for real ,like i say if someone shunts you and it wasnt even your fault the cunts will still swab you if they dont like the look of ya lol


Well Fack haven’t ever been pulled in years of driving, gotta be doing something right.


your handshake?


its the other fuckers you got to worry about bud lol


Lost me man lol


Yeah I know bro, have been bashed from behind twice, just got them to pay me cash and move on lol


Haven’t driven in nearly 2 years now, still banned


Ah mate feel for you, happened to so many around me, litteraly can fuck your life up.


I remember watching that Gordan Ramsay documentary on cocaine. They swabbed drivers who tested positive for use the previous night/weekend etc.


I gotta spend a fucking fortune on uber now


Lmao get one of them petrol bike attachments for your pushbike, go 30mph !!!


Dosent coke get out of your system within 3-5 days?