Radarbreeder review


If RB was to pay his trimmer a bit more per hour, the value of his weed would be unbeatable. He’s still my go to for reliability and consistency. RB’s White Widow is really smooth smoke, blazed like 4gs of it today it’s so nice.

Before shit hit the fan I used LC quite a bit, and they would literally always throw 2gs overweight on every order deliberately so if anyone trimmed everything off and all the stems they still couldn’t complain. I really enjoyed LC while they lasted.


Everyone knows my relationship with Kojo. Biggest paid shill; called him out multiple times when you lot was sucking his dick. But i’ve consistently bought weight off RB when I was desperate and he came through. It’s overpriced but he’s reliable and professional. You pay for reliability.


SHILL SHILL SHILL complete sentence


Kojo was a huge shill


jay was sucking kojos dick ?


He was positively deep throating it


Making a username based around Jayboy would suggest some kind of odd obsession about the geezer.
You sure it’s not some kind of homo erotic jealous thing going on with you two?


Maybe he’s the real jay


Well then maybe him and the other Jay (mean machine) can just fuck it out and find true love.


Yes that is correct


Yeah nah …


Can only be one flexer here and that’s themeanmachine


His homo erotic feelings aren’t reciprocated


Yeah fuck yeah :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


It’s probably groovey


Calm down lads! It’s all banter. I love Jay really. But if his face looks like his profile pic then no thanks lool


GOT YOU! :smile:


Got your vape carts mate, my Asmodus Lustro only went down to 5w which was too powerful, same as my minikin V2 180w. Found my old kangertech sub mini, only went down to 7w. Then I dug out my first ever vape, my evod pen. Tore the house upside down to find a charger and now I have a working slim non herb pen to go with my pax 3 bud vaporiser ( can you tell I like vaping?). Anyway the carts are retardedly strong. So strong.


Bought a half of his white widow, reminds me of the lovely bush weed I used to get back in Tasmania many many years ago. It only fucks you up properly if you purposefully try to. Great weed.