Radarbreeder review



@Chilledoutcat welcome to the site. Please have a look around, but most importantly please have a good read of the rules and make sure your posts past and future adhere to them.



Thanks and I will do.


Correct me if I’m wrong. But what you are saying is basically you are trying to get in contact with him to make a purchase.

If the above is true, then yes you are breaking the no sourcing for rule.

If I have read your message correctly. Then this is not the place to help you achieve what you are trying to. Please edit your post. If that isn’t your intention, again please edit your post to reflect your intentions.


AH ok I will delete that message, sorry, I’m new here and whilst I can see you can see it as sourcing…he is someone I’ve “worked” with lots in the last year and he just disappeared from wikr so really trying to reconnect as opposed to sourcing. Thanks and sorry for any offence there, I’ll modify the message. Cheers


Yeah but it does not allow me to send him a PM…


He doesn’t need too but he does.

You seem to forget kojo pretty quickly lol


Ehh I’m not sure then fella unless new users can’t pm? @DNSTARS @thetangledweb


Looks that way to me. Well if you ever see him on here (assuming you are on here a lot) please let him know Chilledoutcat is wanting to speak with him. He knows who I am, just dunno what happened to him on wikr. Thanks mate.


he has a different ID, its on his profile on a market


thanks and I have his new ID. Appreciated.


Level 1 or above to message


This isn’t a customer service platform for vendors


Makes sense…thanks.


Long time lurker just signed up lads. I’d like to weigh in on the whole radarbreeder shilling. Im a DD guy myself and radarbreeder is the only weed vendor I know for this. Bought rosin of stonedsassy to make vape liquid (which worked out really well). But my point is that perhaps the reason why RB gets so many reviews on here is because of his DD?


He’s 1 of about 10 I can think of that will do DD for weed


I have bought from him a few times and he does have good weed. The stardawg I got one time was fucking wicked. But then the ounce of GSC I got had 3g of shake but was nice smoke still and had the cookies taste. Haven’t bought from him since that though


See I don’t use any of the markets mate, so I got most of my vendors details from the forums, and usually when 1 comes through for me I just stick with them instead of risking being scammed. Im fully open to trying new vendors though and that’s main reason I signed up on here


Thanks for all the positivity guys. Much love for you all :facepunch::sunglasses:


no mate thats just not right