Radarbreeder review


Hey folks, another RB review from a new account :grimacing: seriously though the reason I’m here at all is that RB informed me of dnstars.vip and asked if I’d leave an honest review. So I will…

Since last year, RB has been my go-to guy when my little micro grow runs dry as it does from time to time. I’ve always been happy with his wares, some have been better than others but always as described on the menu. Got a free box of malteasers with a Xmas order, which I thought was a nice touch :slight_smile: and I’ve never had to wait long for a reply, everything’s come ndd (with or without tracking) stealth on point too, in fact I can’t fault his operation at all.

Most recent purchase is the White Widow (pics coming) which is some proper old school loveliness from back in the day (if you’re an old fart like me)… nicely cured (a few ambers, on commercial bud wow, lol)


He’s and easy and reliable bloke so no hate here.

Always replies within the hour for me and gets my order out a couple of minutes after I send money!


Never heard of this radarbreeder guy must be new? :rofl:

Glad you found us! but please give the rules a read.

Also you will need to upload a photo or your review will be deleted


Radar breeder? Does he even sell weed ?

I think another 12 reviews and I should be informed


Hi yeah I tried but it wouldn’t upload, I’ll try again. Also half my review seems to be missing… unless I can’t scroll lol


What can I say, he asked. And I’ve found all you lovely peeps so it’s a win/win :heart:


Did he hint that he’d look after you ?



No he really didn’t he’s just a great vendor who asked me for a review and sent me here. Gardner’s honour :v:t2:


Thanks for waiting a bit( you could hold the recorded as the oldest account to review RB!:joy::joy:) and joining in,before putting your review up, If you can just upload some photos, we will be all good.

Edit: Just seen the photo, thank you.


If you ever make purchase and you acknowledge you got the delivery. He does send a message saying please leave a review on here.

But I am a lazy cunt so I didn’t bother. As well as the fact who wants people playing join the dots.


How’s the cure?

My last order of Lemon Haze/Dogshit was disappointing no taste to either strain i was pretty gutted as i mostly pick up Oz’s to be fair this was the only negative experience ive had from RB out of 12 plus order’s


Pretty good, plant had reached maturity before it was cut there’s a few amber tricks I’d say it’s had a month in glass. Smell is okay and nice and smooth to vape.


Just bants man

I’m a cynical bastard,

I’m also just a bit against questionable busines tactics, this is a gripe in all walks of life for me,

This includes politicians, pizza delivery companies, etc;

I like a level playing field where sometimes the little guy can win


Being very honest here, I’ve been sent - very dry, non-getfof your local weed-even-twit previously, but he has replied (after messaging) and sent decent flower out upon return.

Just my input.


Hi there,

I’ve used Radar a few times for a DD via WIKR and I can say I’ve never had any issues with him. I’m new here and certainly no shill so it’s up to you to decide. I think he is decent.


He has an account on here buddy @radarbreeder


Thanks as I’ve missed him and had no idea where he went. I’ll PM him now. Cheers


RB is very reliable. Dunno why he’s getting hate and don’t know why you guys think he would shill. HE DOESN’T NEED TO TRUST ME.


Ah any idea how I can PM him here. I just joined as DMUK died on Reddit a while ago and I can’t see how I can post Radar a message here. Thanks in advance.