Opiates and addiction



So, I’m on about 250mg of codeine right now and i’ve been thinking. What’s so bad about opiate addiction?

If you’re in such a bad place, the worst place you can ever go inside your head, verging on suicide. And pickup and opiate addiction as a by-product of that, is it truly that bad? The only thing I can think that would be a serious risk to health is not getting the same magic from one dose, so you move onto the stronger ones (comes with risk of Fentanyl). Why give someone SSRIs whos about to suicide, when you can give them the option for opioids (ofc you should warn them, but doctors dont warn people how deadly SSRIs are and detrimental).

Sorry if this is a stupid post but, the withdrawals from opioids aren’t anything compared to benzos (I mean, shite for 3 days but at least you dont seize and die from Xanax). I have that itching urge to redose but I’m controlling it, and that makes me happy.


What’s so bad about opiate addiction?

I am not going to delve into the many complex answers to this question, other than to say most of those problems are caused directly by the illegal status of opiates in general.


Personally I have a fairly under control addiction to opiates. I use roughly 2g of heroin per week. It has stated the same for months, as I inject I am damaging my veins somewhat and if I am in an bad place/lazy then I have gotten an infection/small abscess. I am also damaging my veins which will lead to issues later in life (potentially). Cost wise I can afford it nbd. Mentally it sucks to have to use every day, I’m going to a festical and it’s goIng to be a pain. I probs will get soem subs before it.

The thing with addiction is that it goes through phases, when I’ve been really depressed I’ve been really risky with my use, using at work etc and ofc there is the risk of sudden death. I work with addicts, most of which are full on homeless users, once you are stuck in that place its fucking hard to get out and it is no fun.

As my addiction isn’t currently costing me thst much (I thank god every time I have an easy shit tho) I’m ok but I do intend to quit soon as it’s just no fun anymore


I suggest u get a big bag of syringes and alcohol swabs, saline too

you can safely inject H. 2g o heroin isnt too bad, ive known pe ople taing that every 3 horu


Oh I have all of that. I work in drug centre (sort of). 2g every 3 hours is pretty rare and I’ve known some hardcore addicts. But yeah my habit is manageable for me. If I were to average it out I’d say that the standard person going to testament is using around 10 bags of h o day plus crack. Nearly everyone also uses crack.


stims with opioids are stu pid

you’re just wasting H then


You think? A well dosed speedball is an amazing thing. Best of both worlds.


I must admit, stims and opiates are excellent fun :smiling_imp:

I like ket with my DHC. Hopefully got a little landing tomorrow.


Things like speedballs always fascinate me but I’d hate to try them encase I enjoy it to much or just end up totally fucking myself. I’ve been at partys with people putting heroin into joints and trying to trick people into smoking them repeatedly and end up getting put through windows because they don’t listen to the person telling them they don’t want it and stop trying to trick them.

Also seen good friends and family taking H and crack and losing it, I think that first hand experience has just put me off them altogether but yet next week they’re totally sound and you’d never know they’ve taken them and aren’t dependent on the substances but I couldn’t honestly say I’d be able to take it and walk away like them, It’s a drug I don’t trust myself with and would rather not risk it. I’ve to much respect for myself and the drugs to dabble, I learnt respect for drugs the hard way when I ended up in a 28hr acid trip on my second time taking it and I’m glad I learnt that from LSD and not Heroin.