Modafinil and Coke



Exam season and have been taking 200mg (indian pharma) every morning around 9ish.

Anyone got experience mixing with coke?

Got 4g of XXX stamp here, don’t want to waste it.


Don’t do it. Modafinil has a evil demon inside that when you mix it with other stims the heart strain will be very intense, wait until the comedown.


Sounds like a recipe for instant anxiety and heart palpitations


modafinil is shit tier imo, imo it doesn’t react much with other drugs other than alcohol for me


ive done mod. on mephedrone and it enhanced it but i did have to take a few benzos and a beta blocker for the jitters, which i not recommended at all. very dangerous


In the interests of harm reduction, I’d say definitely don’t and just stick to the modaf, maybe just have a coffee later in the day when it wears off


even mixing modafinil with caffeine is fucking horrible don’t do it


Stay with Mod, you will crash with the coke and mess up your exams… plus be extra jittery. Don’t have any coffee either - exam stress can be overwhelming.


Modafinil got me a law degree. Don’t fuck with coke and don’t take it like it’s some miracle pill. This is the winning formula:

Get in a study environment (no distractions).
Study for 30minutes sober.
Pop a modaf and enjoy the next 3 hours smashing work out.
Come back to this thread and thank me.


How has law worked out? :slight_smile:


Honestly from the other replies it sounds like a one off is gonna kill you. I can (allegedly ofc lol) attest to it being completely fine if you’re not doing it every day and not bashing through a whole gram in a night


It’s not going to hopefully kill anyone but if I were sitting exams again then would just with the Mod that I had been used too.


Shite hated it. Barely scraped a decent degree but made a lot of cash. Maybe go back to it in the future


Well, at least you passed (same too), no-ones ever actually asked for proof of result though, (not a legal degree)…2:2 has turned into a 2:1 many years ago :slight_smile:


Shoved a valium in the mix and was all fine. XXX stamp from IG almost no hear pumping anyway.

Cheers tho will keep in mind.


It was completely fine lol. Probs one of the least heart hurting coke seshs ive had lol and i went through 2.5g of XXX stamp in 12 hrs…

Comedown virtually non existant although a benzo or two was thrown in at the start and end.


Yeh its doing me wonders - i struggle to concentrate for longer than an hour but can smash it out all day and then come home and clean the kitchen and room twice over.

Then ill settle down with my gear after.

Think people thought i was asking if coke would help with study - which I can attest to being COMPLETELY untrue as confirmed.


Listening to your heart beat is not a good indicator… lol


Obviously its not the complete medical analysis of the sesh - but my heart rate was constant and a lot slower than i usually find with coke alone.


really it just depends on how much coke u get, modafinil onyl alsts 5 hours on an empty stomach. Most ppl think contraindications last for loong time but its only for the direct action period