LetsWork - Peruvian Coke


Vendor: LetsWork
Product: LW Peruvian
Price: n/a
Marketplace: n/a
Countries: UK
Incentives: Y

I originally wanted to LW07 when I saw a few peeps mention it on here but when I reached out LW let me know it wasn’t available for whatever reason. I was offered some Peruvian to review but it took a while to get it sorted. Seeing as it was free I didn’t bug them too much about it but did give them a couple gentle nudges and finally got it confirmed and shipped on the marketplace.

Delivery Time:
About 2DD I think but not sure as I got a few days ago

Mylar: Y
Vac Sealed: N
Decoy: Y

As you can tell from the pics below the gear had pretty good bag appeal, mixture of rocks and powder, which isn’t uncommon. And from the naked eye it didn’t look too bad but as soon as I grind it through a tea strainer I knew it wasn’t going to be great. There was something odd about the way the powder feel on the hot plat, wish I could describe it but it didn’t look like the stuff I’m used to having.

After the first couple of lines my fear were confirmed. Not much burn going up but as soon as it settled my nose started dripping and as I mentioned a few times on here I’m quite sensitive to low quality gear. I took a couple more lines an hour later and my nose started to block up and after one final bump I decided to not do anymore and just left it.

Suspected Cuts:
Don’t think its cut with anything because usually I’d sorta “feel it” if you get what I mean. I just think it’s extremely low quality gear, it reminds of the stuff Klaas-Flakko sells but at least their stuff is cheap and so you kind of know what you’re getting. But at £50 per gram this is way over priced. I don’t think it’s anywhere as bad as stuff you’ll get on the street but its def the worst I’ve ever had from LW and usually I’m a fan of their batches.


Additional Comments:
I’m gonna give LW the benefit of doubt, they’ve been good to me in the past and usually have good batches of gear so I’m hoping this is a one off but it’s not good IMO



Good to see people having same opinion and not just me , did you end up tearing through it ?


i’m a bit bummed tbh because i was looking forward to it but i went into green because i hadn’t checked the reviews on here prior

nah mate, i ended up giving away to some mates to taste levels are…dare i say questionable :smiley: i’m happy i did because the hangover the next day was really bad, so bad it made me reconsider my life choices :smiley:

like i mentioned i really hope this is a one off, usually LW have decent stuff but this isnt great and considering the compition domestically it’s gonna be difficult to shift this with the other options available etc

did you end up finishing yours?


Most of mine went out and I kept 1 aside, lasted me around 3 hours , had to redose around 10-15mins and never got anywhere, was waiting for a creeping euphoria to kick in and just nothing there

Very disappointing quality wise well below even market average imo I hope quality vastly improves and we go back to consistent high quality batches for most if not all the year


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Can’t ask that man it’s sourcing


I’m trying to find that out currently tbh only had bad experience with Lw there or i would’ve been sticking , in recent times I’ve not ventured far at all

Trotters stash was good slightly dearer but still good , I’ve got some XXX due maybe tommrow depends when sent was late today but I would like him to not have so much batch rotation but understand the situation if I was to stick for domestic

I need to know what I get every few days is of very good quality as I don’t want anything else , trotters I’ve used a handful of times and has been same which is good beyond them not very many vendors have the same batches for a while and I don’t like the risk of change , I need to know what I’m buying before I get it


oh my bad forgot about that!


Yeah reading this really makes me worry about trusting LW at the moment. Used to be my go to butive avoided for a while now. Everyone I order elsewhere I seem to be pleased I have done so. I’ve gone with trotters the last few orders and been happy. Nothing phenomenal by any means but still decent


ah okay totally understand mate!

it’s a bit of a weird situation with domestic vendors at the mo, it seems like no one really stands out, everyone is kind of the same level. as great as IG’s service is sometimes the batches vary way too much in overall quality and as you mentioned about Trotters its good but probably not worth the money/hype

i’m still holding out hope that someone will decides to take the bull by the horns and start delivering high quality gear at a good price! if that happens i’ll be 1st in line :smiley:


I miss Meerkovo


Yeah I’d pay for top tier domestic , will be available next few days I’ve heard good stuff


Can you elaborate bud?


A lot of average stuff about, I tried sniffking recently who I had heard mentioned but again was avaerage.

All that seems to be swaying me right now is reliability with delivery times and stealth. Can’t wait for someone to rise above others.

It worried me to see NDDUK with 2500 sales(off the top of my head) after the shit that went down with him.


The Dutch masters stuff will soon be domestic


fuck! dont we all mate, great gear and amazing service hope they come back soon!


for real? next couple of weeks soon or couple of months? either way that great news!


Good news :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Yes should be here before Monday rumours say…


A re-seller I presume?