Lacoca - anyone had any dealings with this vendor?


Anyone had any business with them? Shipping times, quality ect.


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I can’t seem to find anything that recent. Don’t be passive aggressive and condescending to me. Chill out pal. This is a place to ask questions and hear peoples responses.


Yeah he’s a decent vendor, people say otherwise but in my experience his product is good its just he isn’t the fastest at posting


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Thanks, I appreciate your reply


waiting for an order from them now, only on day 1 currently


I don’t post much on here, but I always used to post on the reddit forums. I remember your name on there, hope you are good.

I can’t find anything recent on that vendor, and if a new post stops me or others getting maced, I’m all for it.


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I’ve got an order waiting to collect from them. I can’t fault their comms. There was a bit of a fuck up at the start of the order as they ran out of shard after accepting the order, then their reup didn’t happen, so offered a replacement or to wait and see if theirs landed… it didn’t land so I went for granular racemic instead.

I can’t comment on the product as I won’t be collecting until at least Friday


Don’t order if you’re in a rush, 4-5 days is standard. Gear is okay for the price, he seems to have issues with sending the right orders though. Me and a couple others have received wrong orders


Just made an order on Tuesday. Will let you know how I get on.


Thanks for your help


Yeah, please do, thanks


Get him telt :stuck_out_tongue:


My pack landed today but all is not well. I ordered 2 g of coke and only got 1 g. I’ve have messaged the vendor and hope to sort it out.

I would not use them in future though.


This seems to be a recurring theme. Seen several people say this over the past few weeks. Let us know what his answer is.


I’ve ordered off him three times. His coke, his shard K and his granule K. The cokenwas real nice, especially when it only cost £45 a gram!

The shard K was lovely too, at maybe £18 a Good I think. His racemic / granule K too was real good and at again £18 a gram.

The coke and shard were both NDD. The granule K we had some problems with in regards to stock, but I was kept in the know (great comms) as to what was happeni, and was given the option to cancel the order if I wished. When this was sorted, it was again NDD from the date of Delhi very


Aye this happened to me too. They dealt with it very well