Joe Rogan Experience / Other podcasts?


yeah 2nd for pka, have some decent guests on it - ones with ice poseidon are probably good starter ones to watch to get into it


Lol what, he wouldn’t agree to a gay man having sex with children bro?? Loool


I’d shove the microphone into his throat if he sat infront of me like that.


Will be watching the big John McCarthy one later tonight, some of the older fight companions with bbryan callen are good he’s normally quite unfunny



Fuck Kyle… 20 charcters


milo is a very weird person but i do enjoy some of the clips of him versus feminists and stuff on interviews. What he said on PKA about enjoying losing his virginity when he was 13 to a much older man just showed how bizarre of a man he is


Ye? I’ve watched that episode, that Milo is cooked as fuck and I don’t get how Joe agrees with it… and it sounds like he wasn’t a little kid when got touched by farther whatever either and was consensual lol.

If you’ve watched Joe before in other episodes then there’s plenty examples of him slating pedophiles n shit, one episode he said he’d kill someone if they’d touched his daughters so…


Listen to so many podcasts but here’s a few that get listened to as soon as they are in my feed.

Hello internet
Snap judgment
Crime town
Truth and justice


its not bizarre its fucking sick and he shouldn’t be letting him off like that and even go far to support him


Haha yeah he’s most definitely entertaining.

Ben shapiro is like a more moderate decent and reasonable version of Milo. He’s hilarious against SJW’s / Feminist’s as well.


We’re on about doing a DNSTARS podcast if any of you fucking reprobates want to hop on and talk about anything topical with some beers PM me.


Will need at least 15 toilet breaks…


Looooooooool same


Put me down brother I will be probably be xanaxed up to my eyeballs due to nerves and end up ranting about how Ronald Reagan was responsible for the aids epidemic in the USA

And how the Chinese are going to take over the world


Didn’t expect to see this here! I stopped watching about a year ago


Them sneaky fokkin chineeses, they’re due a population collapse IIRC. And I think global warming is about to fuck em in the ass anyway.


There’s always enough of them ha !
They have changed to a 2 child policy so fuck knows how that’s going to work out


has to be done at 5am trying to replicate coked up talking sessions in a kitchen


The ninth circle maaaaan