Joe Rogan Experience / Other podcasts?


Any of you guys here listen to podcasts? What are you in to?


I love Joe Rogans podcast, have watched so many of them, such an eye opening podcast filled with ridiculous amounts of information.

You can’t beat the Eddie Bravo podcasts either.


The Bill burr Monday morning podcast is pretty good. He’s been doing it for years. Also the Horne section podcast is really funny.


The first Joe Rogan with Steveo is one of the best things I have ever listen to. That dude has some crazy stories! Stuff You Should Know is also really good if you like learning about random topics


I’ll check it out - love bill burr he’s brilliant.

Also any jre with joey Diaz is hilarious :joy:


Yes!!! Eddie Bravo resident Flat Earth extraordinaire!


Those coyotes though. Completely counter intuitive. Kill one more come.

You heard about those coyotes though?

Love JRE but you have to listen through the same bits now and again.


Haha man he’s creasing, last one with him in he wound everyone up about how do you know nuclear bombs are real n shit haha great


Joe “it’s entirely possible” Rogan


I watch pretty much all of his podcasts. My all time favourite and what I think to be the most interesting and mind blowing one was with mycologist Paul Stamets. The entire podcast is about all different types of fungi, and a lot on magic mushrooms. An absolutely astonishing discussion all the way through that will make you think “woah” many times. Highly recommend.


Haha, yeah some of those he goes into it’s like… yeah, I guess, but it’s not at all probable though is it?

Have to remind myself he’s baked and I’m not.


Yeah this episode was an eye opener


Hahha yeah Joe and Jamie almost lost their shit. Jamie started crying about how he got an A in physics so Eddie must be wrong


The hat is bonkers a mushroom hat


Haha right I heard in his voice it was about to crack and cry lool


PKA Podcast


Now that’s a blast from the past, fpsrussia/Kyle Woody and wings still doing their ting? Haha


Oh man youre missing out, wings left the podcast a while ago and since then hes gone down hill. Watch this


Watching now, the cunt did ruin mw2! He was the one who first made the nube tube videos and fucked the game up!

Haha taking me back to my sweatband gaming days :joy:


Joe Rogan is a shapeshifting money sucker, he transforms into different person on every podcast to fit the guest. He can’t fight 1 on 1 or have a real discussion, he just listens and agrees, even if its something completely wrong and bad (like that gay guy who said sex with children is ok). I don’t really follow politics but I kinda gave up on his podcasts a year back.