Invoice for the MMC Standards



In 2015, customs seized a multi-kilogram shipment of the precursor 2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone, which was being imported into Europe and which can be used to produce synthetic cathinones such as mephedrone


I imagine two mcat users arguing about mcat like the finals of a Chinese table tennis match.


Haha. Only nets from him mate. An endless game…


@DNSTARS have u tried it when it was legal bro?


Meph Virgin regrettably it sounds fun though.

By the time I had worked out what it actually was, which to be honest was like 2 months ago it was gone.


Too bad… It Properly was better than any coke or md I ve tried since then. Inimaginable kind of euphoric rush wich used to be achievable days in a row… For me was no comedown despite dehydration and loosing weight. No residual stimulation like the one from coke or many other Stims. Its a shame not for not being produced anymore, but for being wrongly produced… thats what intrigue me the most


Fuck it man, 4 day meph benders never ended up good for me

You didn’t miss much.


Did meph benders through comprehensive school.
The thought of the stuff makes me curl into a ball


Coming through your skin after day 2


Litteraly foul, had an old wallet in my draw from years ago, absolutely reeks of the stuff, threw it away.

Should’ve burned it.


@Leon_9462 have u tried it mate back in the day? I didnt had the chance to try meth but reading the reviews, except residual stimulation wich is massive with meth, the positive effects seems somehow related. Enlight me pls:)


Nah mate completely different


Pre ban drone? Aye my best mate back then had his student flat taken over by a crew slinging fuck tonnes of it so one time I went to surprise visit them I was met by being dragged through the door and a knife held to my throat asking who I was; luckily gained their partial trust by the amount of drone I banged through with them lol


From what u remember can be compared to meth?


Trying meth or any similar substance if your a meph head can be a bit ropey, cos I was a huge user of meph my attitude towards drugs that can be sniffed is you sit with a dvd case filled with powder and just keep sniffing lines. Stuff thats long acting like meth or ethylphenidate will fuck you reet up if ye do that


Mephedrone was the blissful middle ground between both a coke and mdma high combined; meth is a 14 hour stim factor you gotta factor into your daily life until it consumes and swallows you whole into it’s vice lol Meth is totally different from cathinones as they’re not amphets like meth is so whole other different experience


the only vendor who’s only “proof” for his says was testing some 2b4mpp (there is ED result) is DrugDome. But this isn’t 100% because his product could aswell be something entirely else. Also from what I remember almost all his batches had diff potencies and not how logical should be( increasingly ) and none of them was tested for purity or enantiomerism. Even if there are/was, they are/were badly synth/ had low quality precursors/low purity(cuts or leftovers). So until a batch will be tested as racemic let me believe what I want.


EC Tested Purity.
ED Tested Precursor which produces racemic only.
ED Test Final Product 4MMC.


I dont contradict myself mate. I know he had 2b4mdpp in posession and also the product being tested as 4-mmc. What I am trying to say is that we cant know for sure the purity of 2b4mpp or the 4-mmc and also if the 4-mmc was indeed racemic. Yes he could have the precursor but the 4-mmc have could aswell be imported so R or S enantiomer.



Theres a thread already for this