Invoice for the MMC Standards


Hello all,

As promised, here are screenshots of the invoices from LGCStandards for the purchase of standards for 2-MMC, 3-MMC, and 4-MMC. You’ll notice that two standards were purchased for 4-MMC: One liquid and one in powder. This is so that we can compare our results from weighing and dissolving the standards to an already dissolved standard, and make the necessary adjustments if the results are not the same. The 2-MMC and 3-MMC should arrive quickly, the 4-MMC will take significantly longer due to the bureaucracy that comes with it being a controlled substance. the approximately 20 euro remaining were spent converting the BTC to Euro. Thanks again for making the adquisition of the standards possible!


Top man…


Great to see, and fair play to everyone that chipped in for this


Good work!


How’s that for practical harm reduction folks?


Its good we hried Luis Garcia for DNSTARS


Well done to everyone :slight_smile:


Well done ladies and gents. Tangible results like these will have a direct impact on harm reduction for a wide variety of people!


Didn’t contribute to this myself due to funds but well done to the whole community for this! Well and truly got the harm reduction ball going!


Quite literally changing drug culture lads, this may be small to some but think about it. We’re helping a service expand the drugs anyone can test legally.



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