I know most anti-drug sites are daft, but this one is new levels of slow... [SHIT POST]


Smoking heroin.
Mixing heroin with water or other liquids allows it to be smoked though a pipe. When you mix heroine and cocaine and you can go “freebasing” – a form of smoking both drugs. Freebasing is an incredibly dangerous activity that has claimed the lives of many, including basketball star Len Bias and comedian John Belushi."


Haha what… Is that from a official website? (government or something like that)


Fucking mongs . Im sorry but if that is government backed was the guy/girl high asf when they wrote it?


Unfortunately if you’re trying to dissuade and scare people from taking drugs the information doesn’t need to be true. Sad state of affairs tbh


@Leon_9462 needs to “pentest” this website.

(This is satirical and I’m not inciting or encouraging crime mr government people here )


Here’s one he can test:


Going by the last incident, any response no matter hypothetically or satirically will presumably end up in a further ban but i’m hoping this is fully compliant with the rules (probably not so guess this will be a permaban or some shit); I breached IRC protocol to expose a user, and been proving “my infrastructure is invulnerable” for many years not for payment I just take pleasure in the challenge and proving others wrong.

Disclaimer: I have no intention in performing any cysec action against this site, it’s users or staff, as even after recent events I support the ethos of the site much more than any personal conflicts or differences of opinion


theres the man! xoxo