Has anyone tried 10 or the rock stamp?


As per title what did people think to them?

Don’t think this is sourcing? :thinking:


Would love an answer to this myself, have saw 1 review of the rock and 1 or 2 of XXX (lol) but none of the 10 yet


Honestly mate I enjoyed both, xxx being my favourite, but I’m sure one of our resident “experts” will shoot me down and guide you elsewhere :+1:


The XXX is very nice but looking for something a bit more punchy😎


Ordered some XXX today aswel looking forward to it especially with this weather


Same here mate, TCMs RC was punchy when I had it, I’m swaying towards it atm. Open to suggestions though


I got 2gs of the XXX through today, plus 1g last week. Still not sampled yet, I’m tempted to have a little tester tonight though lol


dafuk? disciplined…


I got some XXX today. Gonna have a sample line in a bit.


Lol yeah. Been trying to have a break for a week or two, but had to get a bit of this in after everyone on here raving about it!


Just tried a little one.

Lovely stuff, little/no drip. Definitely more mellow as everybody else has been saying. Came in a big 2g rock.


Yep very mellow. Round 5-6 am last night after finishing round just over a g I ended up with a banging a headache


Haha, init. Mine landed this morning and I fucking belted it home on my bike after work to get a ‘tester’ line in.

Talk about morish, 3 lines in this hour and I’m tempted to get some more up there… almost my bed time though!


Come here to find which is better… everyones on about XXX -__- i like my heart palpitating DAMMIT


Had both Rock and XXX really enjoyed both but in my opinion Rock had more of kick to it and XXX more mellow but a nice high. Both I thought was clean but I’m swayed more towards Rock.


Would you say the rock was punchy?


My XXX arrived yesterday 2DD but I only had 3 lines to test and I agree with most on here. Nice mellow high, very smooth up the nose too. Cant wait to get home tonight to finish it off.


Coke is so subjective. Something punchy for me could feel mellow to someone else imo its really hard to judge as it is based on the setting you’re in. Just order a bit a try it that’s probably the best way to find out


Can’t encourage people to buy drugs pal :wink:


I had the 10 and 100 and they felt like the same coke, i.e. possibly same brick but with different names. I didn’t think much of it at all, below average. Tried the xxx and it restored my faith in IG, not tried the rock stamp.