Frosties2014 Kezza


Ordered 7g + 2g… recieved only 2g…

Came 2 days delivery… doesnt look the best… a bump hasnt done much either… i’d stay clear guys! Use to sell PMA as MDMA back on AlphaBay days so that should have been a sign for me. I’ve messaged him and disputed it so hopefully I get my full money back for the 7g and the mods dont just give me a bloody 50%…



yes it should.


Jesus he’s an artifact I thought those boys were all raised following some lads death


Ain’t seen a Bob Marley baggie like that for years, used to be everywhere few year ago


that looks identical to the bag i got off Amsterdam2u and the ket was absolute dog shit. did a few lines, tasted of a stock cube (MSG) and sent about 80% of the bag off to wedinos. not had the results back yet, but had zero effect. if this tastes the same, i’d say its the same person


Dont get me wrong there is some tiny shards in there. Kind of grateful he hasnt sent the 7g aswell tbh.


oh yeah, there were shards in mine too. but shards doesnt always = good k


If im judging off the several bumps earlier… didnt really do fuck all. Didnt really have that typical minty/ket taste either


did it taste like pot noodles / chinese food? if so, same guy / batch


Cant say i tasted that. But i will check later on and let you know when i take a proper bit of it. He does have mixed reviews on you-know-where but you can never trust that kind of feedback


If i taste some on my tongue will taste the same no? I’ll let u know


should do. kind of salty / bottom of a crisp packet ish…


Fucking hell he was selling PMA? That’s scary as I had a few batches off him. Madness.
Anyone got a link to the youngens death?


I just briefly remember on the forums WAY back couple years when someone used a reagents test and one of the batches came back as pma. It was a pink batch. He used to supply ALOT of md back then man alotttttt. Never heard of any deaths