First experience with Benzos


So how did you first get exposed to benzos?

For me I was 14, my parents had just gone through a divorce.

My father used to give a envelope of about 50 valium very so often for my mother, they didn’t speak so I naturally helped my self.

It was one of the first times in my childhood I remember being fully relaxed and I guess all these years later I still look to them in times of crisis.

I’d be interested to hear others peoples experience and any advice they can offer


Couple of pinks turned into a sheet+? my first and only time with benzos. With a couple of mates up to likewise in a dingy shed and plenty of weed. Cant remember a thing, probably came close to doing bad shit but there’s no suprise there. Walked 7km each way with a mate to the 24hr petrol station in the dead of night for a magnum White. :joy:

Woke up the next day and ate another half of a sheet, got found out by family. Bad time.


Ahh the xanax induced trek can’t beat it !

You must be Irish talking about pinks !


Half a bar of xanax after a coke sesh, used a couple times since but not into the benzo scene at all.


4/5 times a week. 2/3 10mg bensidin or some xans just whatever’s I have after coke.


10mg Diazepam after a coke session.

To my surprise, ended up sleeping like a baby.


How did it start man ? To cope with stim come downs ?


5mg diazepam needle shoved in my arm when i was 10


Yes man. As I have quite the heavy coke habit. I hate lying in beef for 2-3 hours looking at the roof tossing and turning not being able to sleep with the awful come down lol so sound out if I chew some Diaz up n smoke a splif I’m sleeping within 30 mins


20 ffs


You talking about I’v for epilipsy or just being a smart arse


mate if i was epileptic and took many drugs like i did now i’d be dead after my first spliff

I was panicking when i ate a small piece of metal and it cut quite deep in my gums, it didnt really hurt but I thought I was dying. (couldnt stay still or be talked to)


banged about 12mg xanax at a party drinking, smoking and doing nos, couldn’t remember how many i took so i kept eating them and handing them out to others, blacked out from 9pm onwards have a memory of 4am spilling milk all over the kitchen floor then woke up at 5pm feeling fine. apparently i was being given ket and a variety of other drugs too, was definitely fun at the time


my first experience was with xanax when I was about 17. A friend had been using them to get through exam stress and she gave me a few. I was a big weed smoker back then and they made me feel kind of sick so put me off using benzos til nearly ten years later when another friend bought a few hundred diaz in the big bottles and I liked them a lot better but was usually a getting messy with drinking/codeine linctus in the sun rather than anxiety. That came much later…


Hope you had some custard creams with the milk.


Knew you’d spot that! Yeah it was all about blues pinks purples. Bars never really got popular though they could definitely be by now


At a time of poorer mental health they took away all of my problems so I thought diazepam was great. Couple that with coincidentally trying them at a time when I was eating a load of garys I was killing two birds with one stone and I figured it all out by myself I thought. Used them to “chill out” after that and that’s when diazepam tool over my life for a while and I did stupid shit on Xanax too which I regret and I don’t at the same time.


Boozed and coked up walking home from a night out. Tag along with this random bird who’s walking same way home, chatting shite, trying to get her home with me etc. Can’t remember what lead to it but she gives me 3 little blues and tells me to put them under my tongue (obviously wanted me to shut up and fuck off lol - I was walking that way though, so not like I was hounding her).

Next morning wake up middayish feeling like I had the best sleep ever. Housemate tells me he had to come out in the middle of the night to drag me out of the road as I was just lying in it with cars beeping their horns trying to get by.

Didn’t touch them again for years


First experience at 17 ordered off Topix (lol) and then drove to get them. The guy was obviously a user, I bought 10 strips for like £40-ish. The guy was so wasted he dropped another 20 strips in my car. Got home took one and all my problems went away, I was expecting more of a high but then learned that they just make everything ok :sunny:


topix… damn those were the days