Fetaisbetter experiences


Oi oi, if you have an experience with this chap to share, help a brother out and share it.


Yes I’ve ordered NEP from him a few times and it has always worked as I’d expect it to. Haven’t ordered NEP from anywhere else though so no real frame of reference.

His shipping is alright, NDD if you’re lucky because he only posts 3-4 days a week.


Can’t help him break the law please edit slightly


Had hex off him in the past quite a few times, always delivered.


Is that is real vendor name??

What about:

  • chedderisbetter - that even rhymes better
  • dairylea
  • babybel?


Not trying to derail the thread, but I would say Fetaisbetter has a better rhyme rhythm than Chedderisbetter :thinking:


Cheddar is always better! Mature my man.








You lot do too many drugs :joy::joy::joy:


Or maybe not enough


Goats cheese is nasty my dude😳



I’ll get my coat lol




Have ordered Hexen, 3-FPM, NEPcaine - he’s always come through for me taking 2 - 3 days for delivery. Can’t fault him at all.


Yeah got my stuff and it’s very good.


That kind of cheese-based debate is what I hoped for guys