DutchMasters - 10g Cocaine Review



After months of seeing DM’s name mentioned and the hype surrounding him/them I finally decided to pull the trigger, haven’t really seen many reviews about them rather than the odd comment so thought I’d give it a go.

Vendor: DutchMasters
Product: Pure Cocaine Flakes (10g)
Price: £420
Marketplace: Seek and ye shall find
Countries: Don’t think DM wants the Country publicized but it’s certainly a safer Country than NL, was shipped to the UK obviously.
Incentives: N/a

Service: Never had to communicate with the vendor so can’t really comment much on this however the order was accepted promptly and judging by posts I’ve seen on other forums/market feedback he seems to live up to his reputation. Was nervous at one point after seeing several reports of no-shows however judging by their posts it would appear he honors his re-ship policy so credit where credit is due.
Delivery Time: Ordered late Tuesday (around 10PM) and was marked shipped Thursday, arrived Monday so faster than I had anticipated.
Mylar: Y
Vac Sealed: Y
Decoy: N
Comments: This is only my second international order and certainly my largest (have had a few g of C_S in the past) so I don’t really have much to compare it to. Package was fairly flat and inconspicuous upon a quick feel of the outside. A good few layers inside but certainly wouldn’t stand up to inspection if it were selected by customs, though saying that I don’t think much would.

Purity: Advertised as 96%
Suspected Cuts: None
Images: https://imgur.com/a/ifNsnyq

Additional Comments: All in all I’m very happy with this order. Only had a couple of matchstick lines to test the waters however it certainly packs a punch which builds up over time and definitely has some legs. Gear seems to be dry and I don’t believe requires hot plating - crushing under a piece of paper and chopping with a card turns it into a fine powder fairly quickly.

Product is smooth up the nose. Can’t quite put my figure on the smell, not overpowering but any means but there is a slight chemical smell and taste to it.

Package was overweight by a fair bit (10.7g rather than 10g) which is always a bonus. Compared to the domestic offerings I’ve had over the last 12 months this knocks them out of the park upon initial sampling, at £42 a gram that’s a steal as well. Will definitely be going back soon!

Tune: https://soundcloud.com/twohungryghosts/exclusive-premiere-4-6-2-5-non-citizen-uvb-76 One for the Drum and Bass heads


Cracking review mate :+1:

PS - I actually own the DNSTARS trademark on that marketplace so I’ll PM you my btc address for my 4%!!


Good review mate :+1: so tempting to try DM definitely gonna get around to it soon.


Great review mate, cheers.

Wish I could afford to buy 10gs to try it out lol


Thanks to you all for the kind words!


Cheers man, yeah I’ve had my eye on him since the DNMUK days only ever heard people banging on about how next level he is, just haven’t had the right opportunity to make an order until now and wow am I glad I did! Will definitely be my go to from now on should funds permit.


Quick update: Managed to put it away after a good 5-6 lines. Would probably say this is the best tackle I’ve had off the DNM’s so far based on what I’ve consumed - rate it higher than C_S’ Bolivian/Peruvian, MK08 and PK28 at present.

Going to have to keep it locked away until the weekend now but will add some more to the review once I’ve had a proper go on it this weekend.


currently onit myself half bottle of bucky n a bottle of strongbow what am i doiing lolool


Been watching Britain’s cocaine epidemic haha?


Jesus fair play you have more discipline than me


seems it m8 its either a sickie tomoro or go in half cut hmmmm


Only due to the looming prospect of work at 8AM, if it were any later or even better not at all it would be a whole different story haha


Maybe not as disciplined as you’d like to think, woke up after 5 hours sleep and 3 Xans still feeling monged as, had to have a little Dutch pick me up to get ready for work haha, had good intentions at least better to be on the ball I guess!


Ooof, importation of these quantities of coke always feel sketchy as hell when you hear there’s no decoy efforts.

I know that the product will likely be found if opened, but the peace of mind that decoys and extra stealth efforts seem to bring is virtually priceless if you ask me.


Problem is with customs, i guess they look more closely into things that could be used as decoys, where as there’s thousands and thousands of the same envelopes being sent through everyday that its like finding a needle in a haystack trying to nab the one with illegal substancss inside. I’ve personally never had a problem with these envelopes


How would you rate the effects?

Eurphoria? Rush? Mellow/Punchy? etc


Looking good here :wink:


I like your winky face :wink:


Would say it’s an all rounder really.

Effects come on reasonably fast and lower doses produce a relaxed mellow euphoria, almost like a nice warm/happy feeling throughout your body which is perfect for a chilled night in.

Having a slug when pissed on the other hand is like taking a brick to the head - go from 0 to mach 10 real quick.

Haven’t noticed any negative side effects from it come down is smooth with no crash and I’ve not yet had any jitters from it like I get with most coke.


Only problem I found was it was so clean I sniffed so much of it before because it was smooth as cpuld get which is a good thing I suppose but I did power through it

Next day after no sleep I felt pretty much back to baseline very quickly which was nice