I’ve only just stopped laughing at ‘fuck off monkey’ at the end of your last video :rofl:


Could definitely do one of these if the timings right. Sounds jokes actually


Im up for this, been meaning to start recording drug realted stories for a podcast for a while . I have a fairly good mic but I’m probably best suited for sending in recordings of others if there is to ever be an edited together show. Up for geting involved and doing anything towards it though


would be up for it but my pc with a mic port is dead atm

itt: post/steal bits so this shit is entertaining


just stole a headset for an ex box what ever the fuck that is.

So count me the fuck in…ready if required i meant


when is the podcast up? still later today? ive been up since 4am excited as fuck


It’ll be tomorrow probably (definitely) ran for 3 hours.


Eta on the time also will it be recorded and uploaded?


It’s recorded now bung is just doing some clean up I’d expect it tomorrow afternoon maybe.


Haha can’t wait


Just need a good mic?
Any ideas.


I missed this!


I’m well up for this, especially to contribute about harm reduction. Got a decent mic as well.

Would recommend looking to Adam Curry to get a nice sound setup, he’s a sound engineering and podcasting genius. He invented podcasting in fact.

There’s nothing worse than hearing people’s lip smacking, dry mouths and coughing. A well configured noise gate will be essential.

Exciting stuff!


If you want a simple USB mix and can’t be bothered with externally powered condenser mics running through a pre-amp etc, then you’ll want to check out these. I think these all come with a pre-amp built so no worries about your soundcard

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS USB

RØDE Podcaster Dynamic Large-Diaphragm Microphone

Rode NT-USB Microphone

Samson q2u XLR as mentioned by DNSTARS. Can’t find a listing on Amazon though.

A couple come with a pop filter and basic stand as well so you won’t need any kind of shock stand to start with which can cost a bomb.


Suggestions for the best program to record on?
I use logic for vocals and music but find it hard to get consistent levels with multiple mics in a semi large room.


I could in theory use an akg vocal mic with a pop shield right?


We’re just going multichannel stitching on local recordings over mumble.

It’s not perfect but it’s a start. Big things have humble beginnings. I’ve got one of those yeti Pro soccer moms thing but reliably informed the Samson q2u XLR are better for half the price.


You guys got a name yet?


Bung’s fucking about with that now but any professional opinions and help are much welcomed. @Bung


Not really familiar with mumble but going to assume you are all recording live simeaultonsly.
I take it.
Eager to hear the first episode then give comment after.
Audio quality should be sweet as long as no one is on 4g.

My suggestions to get vendors on is to get them to record in advance on protocols etc.then edit them one.
Plenty of plugins for voice masking.